Narcissism of Everyday Life

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Narcissism of Everyday Life

Narcissism of everyday life.

We need to be more aware of those particular people around us. Most of us actually have some characteristics of a Narcissistic Personality. What makes us different from fully having the full extent is that we are recognizing that we have issues with some of the traits.

We as a society build stronger if we stand and realize that these disorders are unnecessary if we have the ability to make a difference.

The part I am going to start with is the Ego side of things.

All Egos are:

- development of childhood mental structures.

-Images of things we witness or images that trigger certain reactions.

-Memories of things we can’t erase, so we try to bury them.

-Arrested Development

-Body Tension Patterns

-Host of Attitudes and Convictions

Consciously or Unconsciously Narcissistic Phenomia



-A need to be seen

-A wish for Esteem and Admiration

Fundamental Narcissism

This is a disconnection from our deeper nature.

Pathological Narcissism

This is a fundamental Narcissism that is run amok.

Characteristics of Fundamental Narcissism

-Alienation from the core of true self

-Need to be idealized and mirrored

-Exaggerated self-reference and entitlement


-Propensity towards slights and hurts

-Superficiality and fakeness

-Tendency towards narcissistic rage and devaluation

“ The Identity of the person with a narcissistic personality disorder is superficial, brittle, distorted and feeble because of the extreme disconnection from its own presence”.

A.H. Almaas

In Self-Psychology, Pathological Narcissism is referred to as Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

-Ego Development

-Fall into Sin



-Experienced as a sense of self

-Separate Individuality

Abstract thought and critical self thinking can be lost and even dominated by our ego sense of self.

Some more Characteristics of Narcissism that are otherwise known as “normal”.

-Fixation on emotional experience. Which is a type of Human Experience

-When their Identity is fixated on only their self

-Fixated on their Self Image

-A state of emptiness, and lacking inner nothingness

-A sense of their life without meaning or significance

“Narcissism makes us Vulnerable to feeling hurt by not being seen or understood”

***We are prone to have narcissistic characteristics if we were already wounded prior to one.

-Narcissistic Emptiness

-Feelings of worthlessness

-Not Important

-Not good enough

-Perhaps has a False Self

The need to be special and unique is normally a defense against feeling insignificant by others.

This Personality generally has no sense of Value. The only times are from external approval. That sense of Admiration, recognition, acceptance and appreciation. They will tend to feel a bottomless feeling of no self worth, so they will continue to feel the need for these appreciations.

-Empty Self

-The needing of admiration


-Selfishness, Self-Centeredness, Self Seeking

-Lack of Heart and Empathy

-An inclination to Exploit Others

Just to sum up…

Our normal nature is inherently real, authentic and genuine. These types of disorders will work against these natures. Being fake is something that a true natured person doesn’t tolerate.

We are all made to be loving and genuinely care. Majority of these types of people will not. They will give a strong sense of coldness and lack of empathy if it isn't involving them.

This is just a small grasp on actual Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is a hard topic because so many grasp it in different ways. We will all encounter this at some point in our lives. Either it's a loved one or a friend that you are concerned for.

It's so important that we study ourselves to become that much stronger. That way it won't affect our day to day lives. Narcissists are everywhere and so many people are not aware of the impact they have on ourselves.

Stay Strong out there.

Love you all.

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Evey Zach
Evey Zach
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