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My Darling Daughter Sophie

by Toni Bennett 13 days ago in family

Mum loves you

TJ, Phil and Sue on Phil's and James' wedding day

My darling Sophie. You were born at 15.23 on Sunday 29th September 2002 on the labour ward (I can't remember which one it was now) at Warrington My mum (your birth nana) and middle sister, Emma (your birth auntie) were with me when I was taken to the hospital, but at around 2.30pm, my middle sister (your birth auntie) Emma (who was heavily pregnant with your birth cousin Ryan at the time) wanted to go back to our auntie (your birth great-auntie) Janet's, so our mum (your birth nana) asked me if it was ok for your auntie Emma to go back to our auntie Janet's and I said that she could as long as she sent our auntie Janet, so Emma went back to our auntie Janet's.

When auntie Janet arrived in my delivery room, it was 15.03 and you were born 20 mins later. Whenever I talk about your birth, Sophie, I always say that you were waiting for your great-auntie Janet to arrive.

I had to have an assisted delivery with you, Sophie love as I was too tired to push anymore and you was in distress, so the midwife (I think it was) has to use special forceps to help you to be born.

You have lots of cousins waiting to meet you, Sophie love. I've not been able to give you any brothers or sisters though Sophie love as I have a medical condition that makes it difficult, but not impossible to become pregnant again.

As for your birth "dad's" side of your family Sophie love, I haven't got a clue as to where they are or anything as I lost contact with your birth auntie Helen, your "dad's" sister after I found out I was pregnant with you. Your birth auntie Helen was more grown up than your birth "dad" even though she was younger than him. I found it easier to talk to your birth auntie Helen than your birth "dad" as he was too busy talking to his friends. He did talk to me a few times.

Your birth "dad" did get into trouble with one of his friends though as he'd followed me into the bathroom and he forced me to do something that I didn't want to do and his friend had heard me yelling at him and crying and had come to see what was going on. Once I'd managed to get out of the bathroom, his friend asked me what was wrong and I'd told him what your birth "dad" had done to me and he (your birth "dad's" friend) had a right go at him for it.

Your birth "dad" was really nasty to me when I told him that I was pregnant with you, Sophie love. He sent me loads of nasty texts and accused me of only being with just to get pregnant (even though I was in college at the time I discovered that I was pregnant) and I told him that he was lying and that he knew it wasn't true. he then tried saying that your not his daughter and I told him that he was the first and only make I had slept with before I found out that I was pregnant. he son shut up, but he'd continued to send me nasty texts. He even told me to " get rid of it" meaning you Sophie, but I told him that he had no chance of me doing that as my side of your family are against abortions and my dad's (your birth granddad) side of your family are catholic. My mum's (your birth nana)side of our family are church of England, which is why I asked for you to be placed with a church of England family.

There's one thing that I'm glad that adoptive parents aren't allowed to do any more and that is to change a child's or children's names as you have a special name Sophie love as I picked your first name, but you have your birth auntie Raz's middle name as her full name is Rachel Louise, but she's like me and prefers to be called by her nickname, Raz.

I prefer my nickname, which is TJ.

Toni Bennett
Toni Bennett
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Toni Bennett
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