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Mushroom Mindset

by Jacob 7 months ago in advice
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How I Healed Through Magic Mushrooms

Not a funky fungi but in the same family!

Lets start off by saying, i am in no way a medical doctor and when dealing with mental wellness, please do research, make sure you are taking care of yourself and seek professional help if you need it. I do however believe we are our own best healer, which leads me to this article!

Now, what do i mean by "Mushroom Mindest" and how does this relate to healing? For those of you who have never experienced psychedelics, specifically Psylocibin Mushrooms or Funky Fungi as i prefer to call them, i would be doing you ill justice to try and tell you what the experience is about. So, in the spirit of your best interest, take my perspective as a literal or a fictional anecdote to further expand and challenge your perception in whatever form works for you. My personal experience is one of deep empathy, understanding, honesty and purer awarness of my self as a whole. Not only that, but following the experiences my perception continued to be different as if something inside of me had actually changed. As the universe would come to share with me, there have been studies done that show Psylocibin, the psychoactive aspect of funky fungi actually creates different neural pathways in your brain. Trippy right?

So, this brings up two important points i wish to make. The first being that there is some scientific evidence supporting my claims in the most cirumstantial basis, as well as the understanding that although the substance is helping you create the pathways, these connections are happening within your brain, meaning whatever change you may experience was entirely within your biology, regardless of the input of chemicals. Another study also confirmed this theory as they studied long term meditators compared to people who consumed funky fungi amd showed that their brains were operating and developing in a similar manner.

Now this is all fine and dandy but what is it about these meditators that are making their whole life like a "trip". My answer is simple. To do a cheesy quote from the beattles, "Love is all you need!" yeah you read that right, its an attitude of gratitude baby! As i have mentioned before, for me mushrooms brought out empathy, honesty, and understanding. All these things are apart of the state of euphoria, good vibes, and happy times people often report on psychedelics. All these things not only leave you questioning why you were any other way but also leave you feeling grateful for the connections and ecperiences you have. It also teaches you a valuable skill when coming face to face with the "bad trip".

A bad trip can take on many forms just as a good one can. Truth be told i dont think there is a difference but polarity is an entirely broad and expansive subject in itself and something to explore another time. What i mean is every experience has its ebb and flow but when approached with acceptance and willingness to grow all of it has deep love and wisdom behind it. Funky fungi are very helpful in recognizing this because they are like a cheat code into this "enlightened state" showing you how empathy and love can not only lift you up, but neutralize these once bad thoughts or experiences and handle them like a zen master. Bringing you to objective and pure awarness of the self, through love, to face yourself and your demons only to realize its the very foundation of which you can create heaven on Earth. When you follow yourself even deeper you begin to realize that love truly is all that there is.

I would like to really explain what i mean by this neutralizing of your darker emotions and thoughts and bringing objective awarness to them. Its an experience much like coming to a bend in a trail you have walked down a thousand times and all of a sudden you decide to take a breath and look around to appreciate the beauty only to notice there was a different path all along. This path you have walked a thousand times is akin to your belief patterns and the resulting anxiety. Funky fungi are the incentive for you to stop and take a breath and enjoy the beauty. Truth be told, that new path may not always lead you to something you may consider beautiful. That path may actually bring you closer to the source of your pain and suffering. Dont forget though, you just discovered a new technique that helped you go off the beaten path and find something new. The process is repeated and another path is discovered. Instead of fearing change you embrace it, and welcome a new perspective in your life.

However, the ability to heal yourself through psychedelics, really has nothing to do with the psychedelics. If you do not enter that space of euphoria with the intention of growth and expanding your perspective, even if you do find yourself on a new path you will continue to follow along just as you had when you first started. Your path continues to be guided by fear and anxiety in a moment you could have followed trust and love. When you embrace the mushroom mindset all you are really embracing is the love, empathy, truth and honesty that has been hidden from you by your fears. Really, all the funky fungi did was give me a new way to look at the world that aligns suspiciously within many spiritual even scientific understandings. The experience is there to show you what to embody and follow in order to come back to that state through your own being. Its like a glimpse into the future showing you who you could be. No words will ever truly heal you or make you understand, it is only when you follow your heart and all the things it embraces will you begin to know.

If all this resonates with you id like to lay out some fundamental aspects that helped me grow throuhg my many experiences.

The first being good ol fashion empathy. If you wish to change your life, even without the use of Psylocibin, empathy is an amazing sense to tune into. The easiest way for you to sharpen your empathetic ability, is to simply listen and watch your own emotions. Notice how they feel an how you change when they arise, this will give you not only a tremendous amount of information about yourself, but those around you as well.

Of course you cant miss Gratitude! This is an essential aspect because the more you go inward, the more you will realize your being relys on love baby! It is not just something you share with family or soulmate. It is an eternal flame that fuels the heart of every conceivable thing in this universe. When you give gratitude, no matter where it is placed, that energy is radiated through you to the cosmos and back. Dont believe me? Look into the feild of Unified Physics and other studies done on how water responds to words and intentions.

You will find, if you just practice these two things daily, even only 5 minutes a day, your entire world will begin to shift and things that are truly meant for you will begin to appear. Mix this in with a little meditation and you are rockin n rollin. My hope is only to inspire you to follow your heart and find the peace of mind that i have. You would be surprised whats hiding right infront of you.

Thank you so much to all who read! If you want to see me expand on things like gratitude, polarity and other concepts based around healing please like and subscribe, more stories of intense experiences and peices of growth are coming!


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