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by Nicolette_23 about a year ago in advice
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Attention seekers and fakers

Now this is a very touchy subject so I’m just going to tell it how I see it, how it makes me feel. Everyone has their own opinions, and some people feel like it shouldn’t be talked about because how can you really tell when some one is actually suffering or just using it as an excuse. Now obviously if this does offend people I apologise, I am not trying to offend but everyone has their own views.

It might not be very easy for a lot of people to tell when someone is just faking or attention seeking through mental health, but I find it quite easy possibly because I do suffer with mental health issues. I know it affects everyone differently but there are some tell signs to know if someone is actually suffering. For one you won’t know they are suffering because we are very good at pretending to be happy, so we don’t draw attention to ourselves. So, if people are constantly posting all over social media about their struggles its probable they aren’t actually struggling the only thing they are struggling with is lack of attention.

Another is using it always as an excuse not to do certain things, such as work, cleaning, spending time with certain people. People will fake having mental health issues as it is quite hard to diagnose, you can’t just run some tests and yep your scans or blood work show this. This means people can’t really question it so it’s oh you can’t work you poor thing but really it’s you don’t want to work let everyone else pay for you. Now this really annoys me when people are very much able to work but are happier to sit at home having takeaways and complaining on social media about people coming from different countries coming to England and taking our jobs. Well, if you get off your very able backside and work then that’s one less job to be taken.

Saying all of that at the end of the day if people come to our country and do the work that all them lazy English people don’t want to do, and they pay their way then what’s the problem. I am currently signed off work sick and I was very much reluctant to ask for any financial help. After being told multiple times by close family and friends that people who don’t even suffer with anything and just play the system get way more than they deserve then why shouldn’t I be allowed to ask for some help.

I have never wanted to be one of those people who just claim benefits rather than working but it has come to that point where I need the help. And it is something that really gets me so angry because there are people out there claiming money because they are “unable to work” yet can go on holiday, go on shopping trips they can do all sort’s just not hard work. I can’t even leave my home unless its to the car and then back to home again. I can’t even walk down the street outside of my home, I start shaking to the point where my legs feel like jelly, my mouth and throat dry up and no matter how many sips of my drink I take it is dryer than eating a whole packet of crackers, my heart starts pounding too fast for it to handle which brings on chest pains.

I was in a car accident and after managing to get the car home, we started calling things like doctors, insurance and family. It was mainly just shock at first but when the shock started to wear off we realised how much pain we were in. I had started to have quite painful chest pains and finding it hard to breath. we did what you normally do call 111 they did advise me to go to hospital immediately. My partner was running around trying to find a way of getting me there as we couldn’t drive our car, then he was getting a bag ready for worst case of me having to stay overnight. All I did was stand there shaking frozen to the spot, absolutely paralysed with fear of going to a hospital, being out, going in a car the same day someone had crashed into us. Due to the panic my pains were getting worse and I had to calm down. The only way I could calm down was deciding I was not going to hospital.

Luckily, I am okay, and I didn’t need to go to hospital in the end even though I should have. That night I was so disappointed in myself I always thought if it came down to things like my health I would be able to push past it, but I couldn’t and that really scares me. I have realised that with a lot of people faking mental health issues that really stops people who are really suffering. I’m not saying you don’t have or have never had to suffer with anything like this but if you are only on a minor level you should get help, but you should also bear in mind that there are people suffering on a major level scared of asking for help. Crying them self to sleep so disappointed in them selves for not being able to just go to the shops or talk to family or do a job they love.

If you can do these things don’t take them for granted, live life because there are people out there every day asking them selves what is the point in life, is this even life not being able to do the things I love with the people I love. I have not written this looking for attention, I have written this for awareness, for support. Stopping taking help that you don’t need your just depriving others who do need it and those people could be your family or friends maybe help them instead of just taking things you don’t need.


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I enjoy writing, I am trying out some new stuff, some short 2-3 page stories trying my hand at erotic writing.

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