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May is For…

by Kristina Riggs 25 days ago in humanity
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Well, Everything Really…

May is for Mental Health Awareness

There are so many May Awareness initiatives it can be a bit cumbersome for sure. There are of course graduation goals, Mother’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Mental Health Awareness; just to name a few. I look to May for signifying Mental Health Awareness because it is so near and dear to my heart. I have and still am learning how to ‘deal’ with issues of my own. Through guidance and advise from others I know I will prevail; however, I worry about others too. Mainly, I am concerned about some I work with. I really think this is because we see our ‘work family’ more than we see our ‘bio’ family; so, we get to know their mannerisms very well.

It is important to watch the ones you work with to see issues as they arise. At work you can watch your coworkers stress level, mood changes, self-esteem changes; just to name a few things. You might think this is hard to do, but it really is easier than you may think. Just pay attention and remain aware. There are so many things that can affect a person and their mental health the list could go on for ages. However, if you are aware of any genetic factors, medical history, or even any traumatic events that a coworker has experienced that could be very telling. And those would be the coworkers to watch a little closer than the rest.

Relax & Listen

Here are a few ideas that could be implemented throughout a workplace where there are people struggling with mental health issues. If businesses implemented even just one of the ideas below it may make a huge impact on how we recognize Mental Health Awareness today.

• Mental Health Space/Room: Many more companies are making these rooms for employees. They can have simplistic items inside of a small/medium sized room. Maybe a couch or cushions on the floor for meditation, house plants, magazines, or picture books, and possibly even a white noise sound machine. All things that can help bring a worker back down to ground zero and help them from going to panic mode. Employees could use it to unwind or meditate; whichever they find they need at that time.

• Monday Huddles: More and more companies are doing these now. Monday morning before anyone starts working, they huddle. Get together and get ready for the week. Get rid of the poor mojo from the weekend and move on realizing the day will go on with or without them. However, it sure is better; with them in it. This is an ideal way to show each employee that they matter.

• Wellness Gifts: It is perfectly acceptable for management to give gifts to employees; so why not make it a mental wellness gift? This type of gift can range from stress balls, notebooks and pen sets, small office plants, or even relaxation teas. Any gift item that focuses on calming or centering the recipient.

Self Care is NOT Selfish

Work is just that, work. It is something that most of us will have to do at some point or another for survival. So let us all ensure it is not a punishment for us and others. If done creatively and correctly work can be very fun and satisfying. I know on a personal note; most of the friends I have, I have I met through my current or previous jobs. I am not the one that leaves a job and never talks to their coworkers, quite the opposite. I keep in touch with everyone to the best of my ability and I am so thankful for that as well. Because of that I have a ton of excellent friends now. And one thing we all watch out for is each other’s mental wellbeing. After all, that is how you keep your friends close!

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Kristina Riggs

I am a mom, wife, and believer. I love life and everyone in it! After earning a BS in CJS I realized what I really wanted to do with my life; Write! So, I'm an APA writer, content writer & blogger based in Texas and I write about...Life!

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