Living with D.I.D.

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Living with D.I.D.
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Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D) formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD is a complex. It starts with early childhood trauma and a need to protect oneself from abuse, trauma, and harm. How does this start you ask? Well it varies from person to person. Mine started with early childhood emotional abuse and neglect, from the least expected person.

I have come a long way, but yet I still struggle everyday with my trauma in some form. I see a therapist, psychiatrist, I keep in close contact with my primary the best I can. My doctors are my friends, they seek the best for me, and for that I am lucky. It's hard to find doctors that care and cast no judgment, or willing to try even if it isn't their specialization. I am also fortunate enough to have a strong support network in specific friends and family. Others are not so fortunate. No one shares my same exact story.

I have had my fair share of self-injury, depression, anxiety, psychosis, etc. I am stronger now and more confident especially knowing I have a support system, and my system members. A D.I.D. System is a collective of alters.

Or system is called the DissociaGlam System. We have a Youtube vlogging our experience. Everything from current events, mental health, and system updates. See me as a person or "persons" not some strange being that needs to be hospitalized, because fact is D.I.D. is as common as Schizophrenia which means one to two percent of the population has it.

My goal is to not only vlog my experience but write my experience down for to create awareness, to be treated with decency as if I were just like anyone else. I do not have a super power, nor am I like the character from "Glass" or "Split", I am human just like you, I feel pain, have emotions, have a story just like anyone else. Just like you.

I love food, art, and being creative just like anyone else would. I have hobbies that include, reading, walking, hiking, watching movies, knitting, and crocheting, cooking and many others. I enjoy being organized, being productive, and making progress towards my goals just like anyone else would. Only difference is I have alters that help me.

I write this because I want to make s difference for those in our community, but I also want to share one of the many stories of D.I.D. Hopefully you will learn something, ask questions, and maybe take an interest, start creating awareness yourself. Without judgement.

Some good news to start us out is that I will graduating University soon at Cabrini. I will graduate with a Business Management degree. I currently sell Mary Kay cosmetics as a way to make money while I go to school. I enjoy barre, pilates, yoga and martial arts as a form of exercise besides walking. I have found I enjoy writing, even more now than I use to.I hope to make something of it. Hope that maybe my writing will help someone else, give them courage to share their journey as well. Continue to end the stigma of mental health, promote wellness, give someone a chance to not be scared of who they are.

D.I.D. is scary upon first diagnoses but it does not have to be, it doesn't have to be a bad thing, and in fact through staying well, and maintaining good mental health it can become an advantage to taking care of you. It can help you be who you need to be given the situations you are in. You are not crazy, you deserve a chance, and you can live with functional multiplicity, becoming integrated is old school but that's a decision you and your system makes and doesn't need to be forced.

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Lydia Wegner
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