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Life is the most beautiful is indifferent

In the ordinary, ordinary, insipid light life, let oneself have a light affair, live a light life!

By danielhuangPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In the rolling red dust, can let oneself have a light sincere feeling, lead a light leisurely and easy life, that is how carefree and beautiful life! In the ordinary, ordinary, plain light life, let their own life singing out the most beautiful sounds of nature, that is how precious life shine ah! In my life, I have a special feeling for the word "light". So I particularly like the word "light". Because, light word, half is water, half is fire, water and fire this is not allowed, but the word skillfully integrated together, can not help but sigh magic, and profound meaning.

Light, is the lingering water and fire, fire and water contest, is collision, is blend, although not missoluble, but you give me warmth, I give you cool, interdependent, mutual support, to achieve a perfect combination. Life, lukewarm light, is a kind of life mentality, desire is endless, calm and calm. No surprise, leisure to see the court flowers bloom; Go or leave no intention, diffuse with the sky clouds roll Yun shu. Understatement without heavy color, if there is no light, more can give people infinite space to reverie. The light of me, the light of life, the light of love, the light of feeling, the light of heart, the light of happiness, comfortable in the light of life.

Subtle feelings, you like the rainbow after the rain, dazzling and fresh and elegant. It's refreshing. In the bright afternoon, in the sunset dusk, I read you with my eyes, with the soul of you, appreciate your wonderful - light feelings!

Like the subtle feeling, the quiet beauty of the night, the elegant rain, the free and easy wind, the light of snow. The light at this time, is a kind of artistic conception, not light and tasteless light, is the light of the chrysanthemum, is over the hustle and bustle after the quiet, is calm as water indifferent, so light feeling a belong to their own world. The heart is as pure as the sky after the rain.

Like light life. A touch of sadness does not sting the heart but a thousand strands, a touch of loneliness does not indulge but only in life helpless; Light is not entangled but long strong, light care is not forced but distant permanent. Light red dust, light years, light come, light go. Light life, clever singing light sounds of nature.

Like light music. The beautiful sound is so refreshing. Wandering in the ocean of music, as long as the wings of love, flying in the ethereal music. Soft singing such as the wind, such as the flow of water, such as white clouds, such as early spring yellow, such as midsummer Hebi, such as autumn sky clear, such as the snow dance, such as plum season drizzle. The beautiful music, filtered through the heart, filar silk cut, little by little, rubbing the sentimental feeling of a heart. That a light heart, in the song soaked, moist, dancing in the song.

Like light life. Let this light always accompany me, no matter the wind and rain outside, stormy waves. In spite of the vicissitudes of the world. Always so quiet life, in peace work, flat light life, do not expect to be colorful, do not expect beautiful people, give life with a calm, give life a real, give yourself a gratitude, give others a tolerance. In this way, perhaps more can understand the meaning of life and the value of life!

Like light heart. In the journey of life, lightly appreciate the scenery of the journey, lightly enjoy what you have, lightly deal with the ups and downs in life... Lightly treat everything, everything natural wind light cloud light. Because light, so I am happy.

But not happy people have no sadness, just as the bamboo always bloom and wither, and the four seasons always have tillering and fallen leaves time. But I put the sadness lightly wipe in the bottom of my heart, in the days that others can't see, put it lightly remember, then lightly forget. Plain day is the most beautiful, plain day is the most true. As long as people willing to dull, happy is very easy.

In the ordinary, ordinary, plain light life, let oneself have a light affair, live a light life, fade a sincere truth, fade a elegant fragrance, fade a calm and quiet state of mind, fade a indifferent state of fame and wealth, fade a long stretch of love, fade a leisurely and complacent life.


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