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Labels, Why You Should Hate them?

by Emily Aurelien 2 months ago in advice
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Labels, Why You Should Hate them?
Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash

Labels, we call them. All of us need to be defined it seems. Health labels, social labels, school labels. We are taught at a very young age that words define us. We are supposed to think that it's okay if people see you a certain way. That it should be acceptable.

In high school examples of labels are: the dumb jock, the nerd, the bookworm, pot head, dummy, easy, whore, and worse stuff then that.

We wonder if it's okay, is this how people see me? No one ever thinks it's okay because we just accept it.

Most labels are very negative and very hurtful.

The worst label is Health issues, The Girl With Problems. People define you by your illnesses whether it be mental health, or physical health.

I learned recently, when people label something they need validation.

For me, I hate labels. It feels as though labels really fucked everything up for me. I truly hate it.

5 Reasons why I hate Labels:

1: I used to need validation: Now I don't care, and I respect myself.

2: Labels: People think if they are labeled it's who they are. Just because someone says for example: "The Girl With Problems'' I was called this for so long. I was diagnosed with Bipolar, Anxiety, and PTSD from my traumatic childhood. I was defined by these labels, but even though they are health labels it doesn't mean that I am defined by my mental health. I am still mean and I could care less. My mental health doesn't define me, I don't need labels to define me.

3: Others adjust: I will never understand why people adjust to this. It's unacceptable to define this.

4: Stereotypes: Most people label with stereotypes like dumb jock, or Blondes aren't very bright. How do we define labels? Is it because we as humans have poor judgment, or we have adjusted to something that shouldn't be normal.

5: Justifying the act of label: I learned by observing teenagers, or adults justify these acts of labeling as the status quo. I think labeling starts from early, and it's an endless cycle.

But on a much deeper level when did labeling first begin? As I researched my question I thought why we label is to justify a mental shortcut? Instead of thinking for yourself you follow others. You think there is a certain behavior you should act a certain way? . But this isn’t the case, we need to think for ourselves not to pay attention to these kinds of people. It may not be easy then again life is never easy. Sometimes it’s even better.

What have I learned about Labels? It’s annoying, it makes me feel like people think less of me. But maybe it wasn’t the people, it was myself at the time. I cared so much about what other people thought I didn’t care about what really mattered to me. So, here I am on the precipice of the person who others think I am, and the person that I want to be.

Finally, the lesson of all lessons, I have accepted the person that I am and know who she is. I am a strong woman, with great values that I was taught but I picked up on my own. I am a kind person, but I’m not afraid to speak up and say how I feel. I am the kind of woman who believes in second chances. To me respect is to be earned not given. I am strongly opinionated, and believe all people should have rights. I stick up for what I believe in for example the black lives matter movement. I value myself, and love myself for who I am. I don’t believe in labels. I think it's ridiculous.

How does labels affect our every day life? It's how people see us.


About the author

Emily Aurelien

I never thought I would ever want to write again after losing everything. I found the will to keep going thanks to my hubby. Now I finally reclaimed my purpose as a blogger, and author again. Taking it one step at a time enjoy my journey.

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