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Keeping it all locked inside!

by Juliet cadet 6 months ago in advice

There’s a reason why I kept it all inside.

Keeping it all locked inside!

It’s sad to say that we’re all going to get hurt in life. We have very different ways of dealing with that hurt. Weather it’s physical, mental, or emotional hurt. What we don’t realize is that we hurt ourselves more by keeping all that hurt locked up inside. So I’m going to tell you a story about Delilah.

when she was younger she was sexually assaulted and never told anyone because she was afraid. And to make matters worse it was by someone she thought she could trust. When she turned 11 she moved to another country. Starting middle school she didn’t know who she could trust so she became antisocial. With no friends she didn’t have anyone to talk to or at home. She completely middle school without anyone really.

Now starting high school with social anxiety she was scared. All she really did was get good grades and stay out of trouble. Still dealing with all of that she became depressed and would cry when she was alone. She graduated high school with a prefect attendance and a 4.2 GPA. Towards the ending of high school she starting dating someone.

They started off on a bad slate because he was flirting with someone. She forgave him for it. He looked in the face and promised it was never going to happen again. But throughout the first six month of them dating he continued flirting with girls and She continued forgiving him. I don’t know maybe it was because she didn’t have a father figure or maybe it was because she just wanted to be loved. Already dealing with social anxiety. She also started dealing with emotional hurt. With all that she became depressed bad and wanted to give up on life. And you’ll thing after she express to him that she was depressed he would stop. No, he continued doing it. Now there 3years into the relationship and She keeps accepting it. She cries every night. She’s always hurting. She starting to think maybe she just wasn’t meant to be hurt.

When is she going to build the courage to tell him that he BROKE HER. That going forward she will never really forgive him or believe anything he says or that she fell out of love for him. What is she scared of? That no one will love her because of the trust issues or Insecurity issues that she developed from being with him.

Now she has all this locked inside and she’s hurting bad. And she’s very depressed and she wants a way out. Maybe if when we’re hurting or we’re dealing with things bigger than us we’ll seek for help because keeping it locked in is hurting you more than you know.

Sucide is very big. It’s no joke. If someone is crying out for help, then help them don’t ignore the signs. And if your depressed or going through something please seek help. If your with someone who is constantly hurting you please let them go. They don’t care about your metal state of mind. Their not in love with you they’re in love with the fact that you don’t hurt them the way they hurt you. Sometimes we as humans accept the hurt we get from people because we think we deserve that. So, we keep our emotions locked deep inside so that no one can hurt us again. We need to open up and free ourselves sometimes. Because if not we become empty and numb inside. And last but not least, people then start using alcohol or drugs to cope with the pain.

Juliet cadet
Juliet cadet
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