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It's okay to feel things.

by Aesthetic Writer 2 years ago in advice
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Feeling miserable is a part of life you can't skip.

It's okay to feel things.
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We as individuals choose different ways of living life, some of us choose to express our feelings while some of us happen to keep them to ourselves and not sharing them with anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you wanna express your feelings or not what matters is you accept them. Feeling things doesn’t make us weak or pathetic rather it makes us human who can understand pain, guilt, happiness, and excitement.

So here we are talking about the situations where Life gives you a hard time holding on to it when you feel like becoming an emotionless freak with a constant inner voice telling that you don’t care about anything anymore and you know it deep down beneath these voices you do care about everything that has led you to hide your emotions. We get many advises on how to pass this phase by being strong and not being get carried away by the emotions or maybe plaster every emotion rising inside your heart and put a smile on your face and tell everyone that you are fine. Well, I think it’s okay to be miserable, broken, and hurt for a while because to get over with the phase you are facing you have to go through it.

I know it’s hard to stand those people who constantly give you sympathetic looks because of your tragic heartbroken situation that they are aware of and the only thing you can think of is shutting your emotions and ignore all those situations which can remind you of that particular one which you are running from. Ignoring those who find your misery a very amusing topic to gossip about is the best idea but ignoring the situation you are in is probably not the best idea. I understand that accepting the pain, guilt and regret is no easy job when it comes to a constant reminder of memories which tend to tear your heart apart and making it difficult for you to breathe. There are no shortcuts, you have to make yourself strong enough to bear that pain and face every inch of it till you are over it and it no longer bothers you. Time is the only medicine that cures every wound so till then you have to wait and accept the fact that you are broken and you will survive this.

These are a few things that would help you handle these situations:-

1) Share your thoughts with someone you trust.

The most important thing is to have a conversation about how you are feeling and thinking lately. You need to find a person with whom you can talk about your situation freely and comfortably without the feeling of getting judged. It can be your best friend, sibling, parents, or a teacher and you have to be honest with this person and tell him/her every success and failure you are facing during this phase. If you are not comfortable talking about this with the people you know then you can take help of a counsellor.

2) Keep a journal.

Writing about your feelings that are hard to express helps a lot as it makes you realise that you are getting better day by day accepting your failures and moving on like a fighter who will not give up that easily. You can write about all the stuff that’s happening around you, mention every change you noticed and describe every moment that pulled back the memory lane.

3) Get engaged in a hobby.

Doing what makes you happy will take your mind off the constant thinking and will make you feel better. When you try to get over something, sometimes you lose your real self in the process so getting engaged in something you love will give you a constant reminder of who you really are.

4) Practice meditation.

Meditation ensures peace of mind which is necessary to think clearly. It helps stabilise your thoughts and clears out the negativity and darkness. Practising meditation will make sure that we stay strong while staying on the right path.

The most important thing is to accept your emotions and remember that sometimes it’s okay not to be okay. So this is it for this article if you found it helpful like and share it with your friends and support us by tipping.


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