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Is the glass half empty or half full?

Perspective is everything

By Impassioned diaryPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Is the glass half empty or half full?
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It's a weird question everybody knows and the answer varies from person to person, but it can tell you a lot about yourself. In this post, I share the experience I gained over years of building compassion and dealing with high demands, pressure, and failures in life. I wouldn't say I rely on some predefined concepts my life is based on, but there are things I passively interalized while suffering and fighting difficulties.

First things first

What is the first thing you do when you wake? Do you reach for your phone, do you plan for the day, do you overstress over the day before? That may all be a part of your well-formed plan and I'm just wasting your time right now, but if you're unhappy with your actions, if you're waking up tired and idealess, you're in the right place pal. I think the most important thing one can do is plan a night before the first thing you're about to do when you wake up. Yeah obviously you're about to brush your teeth and go to the toilet, but what's the first productive thing you'll do? Prepare yourself a big breakfast? Solve a bug in the code? Read an article about self-esteem? That's is up to you, but the goal is to stay away from staying in bed, scrolling through social media, or whatever makes you feel lethargic. I personally plan a day ahead to avoid picking up the phone in the morning or I write my TODO list on a piece of paper instead.

Hard things first or the other way around?

Listen to your mind, listen to your body. What's best for it right now? Is it a walk in the woods? Is it a cup of tea and a piece of calm music? Is it a workout? Is it learning a new skill? Don't get me wrong, hustle is real and you should be working long hours if you think that is something you ought to do, but find some time to relax your body and decompress yourself. I personally always start a day with the hardest + most interesting thing I plan to do and decrease the difficulty of tasks throughout the day. At the same time, I function much better and am more productive if I know I'm meeting my friends in the evening or watching a movie-just something that will keep my head away from the obligations and deflate me. It takes time to figure out what suits you best but thinking about it today brings you a step closer compared to where you were yesterday.

Show compassion

Show people that you care about them. Before talking about yourself (if at all) ask your co-speaker how are they doing, point out they look good in the dress or that you like their new haircut. Essentially make them feel good and confident around you. What will happen is that they will either hit you with compliments back or give you an answer that can spark a conversation about things they care about, which brings me to the next section. Try that even if you're having a bad day!

Be a good listener

I think the worst thing one can do is always start a conversation by trying to self-pity themselves. If something is obviously wrong your friend will notice and ask you, otherwise try to open positive topics, listen to your co-speaker and try and understand how and why they formed such an opinion before trying to intrude with your own beliefs. That's sometimes hard to do, but your associates will cherish you for that.

Everybody is fighting their own battle

We all struggle in some way - some are heartbroken, some unhealthy, others without the money, and the rest are addicted. When you're interacting with people, try to think about them, and why they react the way they do. For example, if someone came furiously to work and starts shouting at you, don't try to make it even worse for them and yourself. Stay reasonable, then talk to them when their mood improves and try to understand better what their struggle is. At the same, I think expecting the same from others can be fairly naive, but at least you tried.

Find good in everything

  • Yes, I lost a friend but I got to know myself better mentally and learn to control my emotions
  • Yes, I missed the bus but I'll go with the bike and have a little workout
  • Yes, I lost the game but the disappointment made me work harder and become more tactical
  • Yes, I was wrong in an argument but at least I learned something new

I know, the negatives and positives can sometimes be incomparable but the truth is you most often can and will find it.


Emotions are such a hard thing to describe and they're unique to each individual in this world. We know everything about ourselves, but still we fail to control it sometimes.

So... is the glass half empty or half full?


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