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Intuition: The Basics and Beyond

A post on one of the subtlest, most useful subjective processes of our time!

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Intuition: The Basics and Beyond
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Quick Facts

-Intuition is you telling yourself what you ought to know for the moment! It can also lead you to a full understanding of the irrational mind!

-You can tell yourself information that’s in your subconscious, information you’ve learned before but since “forgotten.”

-Anger can masquerade as intuition, but remember, intuition always has a higher vibration than anger, so if you aren’t sure, then pay attention to how you feel!

-American society often neglects intuition for other, less important things, feelings, concepts, and people.

-Intuition leads to a mental state that’s beyond itself, and once you get there, you won’t experience it anymore!


Before I begin I must note that this post is a very difficult article to create; explaining information gathered by intuitive means is fairly simple, but explaining how intuition works and why it’s important for today’s society is something different altogether.

I will not explain what intuition is perfectly, and if you see something and feel it to be false it is for one of two reasons. One, I have explained something incorrectly and your “lie detector” is going off, or two, what I’ve said is true enough to raise resistance that exists within yourself. In either case, you will benefit from these words as long as they are spoken from my own personal truth, which I intend to write alongside. And so we begin!

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the knowledge that is accessed from various dimensions of the mind/your self with the sole purpose of leading you into the full realization of the irrational mind, or what to do in any given situation. This is done by one part of your self (often referred to as “higher self” but in reality is only another part of self) sending a message to another part of your self.

Intuition is feeling-based. if something or someone feels “off” or feels “right,” that’s intuition at work. It can manifest as a voice in your head (“take the long way to work today”), as a meaningful image (“that painting looks absolutely stunning. I should paint more”), as a feeling (“that person feels approachable”), or any combination of the three (which we normally call an “experience”).

It’s often known as knowledge gained from looking within. That is to say, knowledge that is given to yourself from yourself and not from somebody else to yourself.

If you ask yourself, “What should I do today,” the answer you receive will be an intuitive answer by nature (so long as it wasn’t answered by somebody else), and doing this often will build trust with yourself which will bring you into new levels of realization.

Why Is Intuition Important?

Intuition (from what I can tell) serves to change one’s perspective, geographical area, and/or general feelings about life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a voice tell me to do some random thing and have it work out for the best – and vice versa.

When people say “listen to your gut” they know what they’re talking about, because they know that listening to their gut at least makes them feel more fulfilled at that moment and that ignoring it makes them feel guilty, almost as if they just did a disservice to themselves.

The reason I put emphasis on this is that intuition often asks for irrational acts that don’t seem to have a point, or that even defy logic completely, such as walking down a few extra aisles at the grocery store or stopping to look at something that you’d normally bypass.

Listening to it will seem completely out of the question for the rational mind, but intuition is (at least in these times) a call to balance the rational mind with the irrational mind since we tend to favor the rational over the irrational and since balance is required between all dualities in order for their existence to continue.

Intuition can bring you out of sketchy situations, bring you to do things that are necessary for your growth, put you in the presence of people you need to be with, give you the experience you need to have at that moment. It's an absolute must because it’s you telling yourself what you need to know, and it teaches you lessons that you couldn’t possibly learn from anybody else.

Intuition and American Society

American society is largely unaware of the concept of intuition, much less how it works or what it does. On top of this, intuition is dismissed by some who are aware of its presence. But, this usually doesn’t last long since intuition shouts louder and louder the more it is ignored.

I’ve noticed that the more intuitive somebody is the more isolated they are. This seems to be in direct correlation with American society favoring the rational mind over the irrational mind, which leads to intuition being undervalued, which leads to intuitive people being undervalued.

The resistance to intuition is very strong and largely unconscious but it’s slowly eroding away as people begin to act in more chaotic fashions and without much rhyme or reason.

However, this too is unconscious. Most people do not seem to realize their chaotic tendencies until they begin to negatively affect aspects of their conscious life.

This too is slowly changing thanks to our lifestyle becoming more sedentary than ever before in the history of mankind. This also allows for the opportunity to experience intuitive happenings, however, this is mostly a missed opportunity since Americans tend to keep themselves busy all hours of the day, and so intuition stays ignored and the irrational mind stays unrealized.

The intuitive must be seen as a temporary voice of intuition for the non-intuitive until the latter can find their intuitive information through their own power; after this happens there won’t be any need to separate between intuitive and non-intuitive people, we’ll simply be known as “people.”

It’s also come to my attention that intuitive people tend to lack a general sense of self. That is to say, they haven’t realized as much of the irrational mind as they would have liked to by that point.

It’s very important for these people, in particular, to be confident in their abilities to guide others, because the intuitive who realizes they have a long journey into completing their growth has almost completely realized the irrational mind, and now they must learn to completely balance the irrational mind with the rational mind.

This can be done by helping the rationally minded to vibrationally ascend whilst observing, learning from, and applying any parts of their rationally minded aspects to your life. After all, helping the rationally minded to raise their vibration will help you see the rationality in yourself, and this is the key for you (the intuitive) to find balance and feel like your job is complete.

It is also possible to balance your own rational and irrational mind without helping other rationally minded people, however, this is a rare occurrence that requires an even more specially gifted individual to complete.

However, if one can balance the rational and irrational mind within themselves without any assistance (after the conscious decision has been made to do such) they will have the greatest realization (for lack of better wording) out of the entire human race.

Most intuitives require assistance to balance the rational and irrational mind, however, once this is done they become as complete of a person as they could possibly be, and so they spread understanding in the most complete manner possible.

Where Does Intuition Lead?

The specific end result of listening to your intuition will be unique for you and you alone, however listening to it will lead you into further realization of the mind in one way or another.

Some religions claim to help you with this by advertising peace and tranquility, however, it is ultimately your choice to make and your journey to live if you wish to listen to your intuition.

The road will be rough and windy with a chance of thunder and lightning at first, but you will eventually find yourself in a place (whether physically, mentally, or both) that you just want to tell other people about.

Imagine living in a mental state that you want to tell other people about… That is the bliss of following your intuition.

For Those Already On The Path

It is important to realize that swimming through the different dimensions of the mind has no end unless you decide to stop doing it.

Once your lessons have been learned and your peace has been felt it will be time to arrive at the place you’ve always wanted to be, and then the disturbing dreams will shift into something less extreme and your life will begin to mellow on the mental level and become more active on the physical level.

At one point you may not want to help other people. You may consider yourself a retired soldier, and indeed you are, but further exploration via intuitive investigation will eventually lead you to the people who need and want your help, and this is where you shine the most.

For Those Already There…

Keep going!


While intuition isn’t understood/is misunderstood by most of the American population, its benefits are far beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, and the information it provides will help provide a balance between the rational and irrational mind that is sorely needed at this point in time.

It is another step in the right direction, one that I hope we sooner rather than later for sanity’s sake.


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Hey everyone, my name's Gabriel! I love writing short stories, spreading conscious knowledge, and positivity! Author of 3 books :)

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