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Inspirational success begins with faith

Life is like a boat, sailing on the vast sea, different processes to create different fruits. Sail away! To find our own happiness!

By danielhuangPublished 3 months ago 2 min read

The endless sea is our journey, perhaps a dark side ahead. But you're not alone. See! The wind cheers you, the waves cheer you, the seagulls sail with you. They are your companions, hone your will, strengthen your faith, and maybe there will be some rocks along the way. But don't hold back, fight us bravely against the odds and rise above yourself. Seize the opportunity, jump, difficulties are not what, but the most important thing is to give up! As long as you dare to struggle, failure is also a kind of comfort.

Lose, not terrible, failure is the mother of success, the road to success may be full of thorns, but it can not affect your belief, perhaps you are injured, can not find the exit of success, do not live in the dark wandering, nostalgia, do not admit defeat. Try to find the direction, reorganize yourself, make yourself stronger. You know, losing is not terrible, the most terrible is to admit defeat!

Raise the sails of confidence, we are young, we are confident, we are carrying a passionate heart. No matter how the future world, can not devoid of our aspirant heart. Sail away to find your own happiness, regardless of the wind and waves forward, don't be afraid, the wind light cloud light, and strive to pursue their dreams.

Life needs to insist on struggle, need to walk day and night, constantly forge ahead, hard and firm forward, driving their own boat, in the sea waves, leaving a string of hope in the harbor of love, flying in the vast fog, enjoy the beautiful life battle, like the petrel in Gorky, loudly shout; Let the storm grow stronger!

A famous saying once said, "You can ride the wind and waves, and sail straight to the sea." Don't let the weakness deny yourself, don't let the fatigue of youth. A person without struggle cannot achieve anything, a country without struggle cannot stand in the world, and a nation without struggle cannot prosper and become powerful. Take the struggle to fly together, because with it, let me have rational thinking; I was able to prevent the mistakes of the past from being repeated in today's films; I can make the past success in life continue to sublimate; The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself. -- Trice.

Whether you see the dawn of hope or not, the light of the heart in the faint glow, keep walking, keep sailing, keep running. Do not abandon, do not give up is my faith, a fantasy will eventually disappear like a bubble without a trace. Efforts to sail in 20xx that beautiful spring, remember Bingxin said; "The bigger the speech blooms, the smaller the fruit of action." Break the old silence, break out in the silence, prove yourself by your actions, sail hard, don't cry, don't stop, don't relax.

Don't stop, success requires intense pursuit; Don't admit defeat, there will be sunrise through the night. The rainbow comes after the rain. Remember, success is in every next step, tears are the most beautiful book in the world!

With sweat watering the fruits of life, with colorful knowledge to enrich themselves, with full pace of firm faith, sail, create a new tomorrow!


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