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Taste the failure again and again, taste fall and climb up inspirational life!

By danielhuangPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Rolling red dust, not only love and hate; A few brave lives in exchange for a golden war? Taste inspirational life, stirring. "The road ahead is long, I see, I will search up and down." Qu Yuan's exile, is Fu Li SAO; "The beginning of a table real world, thousands of years who can be equal." Kong Ming devoted himself to the north and determined to settle the Central Plains and revive the Han Dynasty. "The peace between the buildings, the whole world of poor people are happy." Du Fu was old and living in a hut, but he still cared about the people... Tens of millions of people, then tens of thousands of inspirational life, write a song of inspirational march, flying in this colorful world!

Bing Xin said: "Successful flower, people only impress her current bright! But her bud was soaked with the tears of struggle and the rain of blood of sacrifice." The most beautiful thing in a person's life is not a hard, shiny shell like masonry, but the wind and rain blowing, years of suffering against the wind life. A few years ago, an inspirational South Korean drama hit the Chinese mainland, Dae Jang Geum, which was popular in Asia. The heroine of the drama was skilled in medicine and had a delicious diet. Zhongzong trusted her so much that he gave her the diagnosis of his body and gave her the title of "Dae Jang Geum". But what really makes people admire is not these, but the heroine Chang Geum in a period of time in the wave of calm and calm, humiliation, smooth. Although she did not stay in court, the ending of her marriage to the man she loved was remarkable. From the long today I understand: a person's life, is not to get how much, but to pay more, do for a clear conscience, do no regrets. Even if do a unknown "plum blossom", there will be "for the Yi dissipated people haggard, gradually widened the end without regret." A surname.

"Whether you like me to bow in the sun, streaming with sweat hard silently の work, do you like if I have cold, don't give up the life that you want to..." Everyone is holding on to his dream: the entertainer singing his heart over and over again in the bar, the writer writing a series of rejected articles in front of his desk, the athlete training hard in the torrential rain... Maybe some of them are the walk-on guy, maybe some of them are rehearsing for a few seconds of footage, maybe some of them are eating stiff pie boxes every day, every year. But they believe that their wild lily will also have a spring, believe that they will be amazing! As Stephen Chow that "the king of comedy" interpretation, everyone is holding, creating, in order to their own little dream, big desire, they believe in "heaven reward", believe "drip stone", taste again and again the failure, taste fall and climb up inspirational life!

"Suddenly look back, the man was in the dim lights." When you travel thousands of mountains and rivers, when you go through setbacks and hardships, suddenly look back, will find that everything is insignificant, find everything so colorful, understand a "line to the poor place, sit and watch the clouds." A surname. At this time the sky is deep, the sunset is halo red, return to the forest birds, home visitors, all eyes. The previous sad, lonely will be transformed into open-minded, smile -- sit and watch clouds gather, clouds disperse, enjoy flowers bloom and fall, and the moon invite songs, dance with the butterfly, taste fairy dew nectar, product inspirational life.


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