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I overcame dependency

by RuthValencia 2 months ago in personality disorder
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Life is sweet but sweet with sour; life is lovely, but lovely with some terrible.

I overcame dependency
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Life is sweet but sweet with sour; life is lovely, but lovely with some terrible. As long as we can go over the difficulties, we can taste the beauty in life.

I originally had a little problem, and that was dependence. I didn't care what it was, I had to ask my mom for help when I ran into difficulties. But this time I overcame it.

It was a clear and sunny Saturday when my classmate came to my house to do her homework. In terms of study, we were on par with each other. But the devil of dependence made me pull away from him.

We were doing math problems, and many of them were a bit challenging. I wanted to ask my mom for help, but when I looked at the classmate next to me, he was already on the last problem! To catch up with him, I ran to my mom: "Mom, can you teach me this problem?" Mom was washing dishes and didn't even look up: "Your classmate is next to you, why don't you ask him?" Hey, I had no choice but to ask my classmate for help.

My heart was racing: What if he laughed at me? I know I'm doing well in the class! If so, it would be a real shame! I cautiously squeezed my way to his side and asked him, "Can you teach me this problem?" Unexpectedly, my classmate took one look at the question on my finger and started to mock me: "aren't you particularly good? How did you get here?" I asked for help in vain, but also let be ridiculed by my classmates, my anger is also up: "Who said I can not do, I will surpass you! We'll see!" I began to seriously think about the problem: if you look at this as a leg, then that is the head, eh, seems wrong, this should not be solved by the "chicken and rabbit cage" method ...... I racked my brain, my head are out of layers of beads of sweat, brain cells in the head seem to be brain cells in my head seemed to be inadequate. But for the sake of face, I could only continue with the problem. Slowly, my ears have not listened to me, catching the sound of my brother and mother playing outside; my mouth is a little dry, it seems to want a sip of water, but the water is like a fire, and my mouth immediately wants to spit out; eyes also drifted around, like peeking at other people's answers ...... I forced myself to focus.

Finally, I did that question out!

I was so happy, but I looked at the following questions: there are so many! I was afraid to ask my mom again. Whether to ask for help or not, let's look at the problem first! I took a look at question 2. Why is it similar to the first question? The answer seemed to be in my mind. Now I just hate that I don't have 4 hands to solve the problem quickly. I finished question 2, so let's look at question 3! Ha, all the questions are almost the same! I just kept on writing and eventually got to the last question.

Come on, there's only one more question left! I was cheering myself on, and my eyes drifted to my classmate's worksheet. He couldn't do the last question. I looked at the last question and was worried: even if he couldn't do it, can I do it? I took a look at the question, and hey! Isn't this a combination of the first few questions? The answer presented itself in my mind again. The pen flew on the paper writing and drawing as if a light bird; a look at the homework paper, beautiful handwriting jumped on the paper, seems to be cheering, leaping ...... I finally surpassed my classmates, it is great! I finally overcame dependence, and that's the best!

Finally, I chipped away at one of the small thorns of the rose that is life - dependence. But, more big thorns are still underneath! Hopefully, I will get stronger and stronger and overcome more difficulties!

personality disorder

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