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Human Trafficking Survival 101

by Evangeline Davis 2 years ago in humanity
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Dealing with 'family' that didn't believe.... and now it's too late.

Eve Davis

42m ·

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“It’s just so unbelievable” ….

No, not it’s really not.

I’m always amazed by the human capacity for denial. You could tell them that the ocean feels wet and if their own cognitive dissonance programming said otherwise, they would fight to the death to prove you wrong.

And It’s never really even about the water being wet, it’s 99 times out of 100 about them being right.

Most human beings don’t want the truth, they cannot handle their illusions being destroyed. Because their illusions, are what creates their realities.

Their comfortable little bubbles that make them feel safe and secure in the existences they have created for themselves. To shake those illusions with any form of truth creates a domino effect, and if one has not stacked their metaphorical dominoes in preparation for this, so that each portion of their characters and existences are rooted in their own firm solid foundation…. then everything starts to topple.

The typical response to this from most is anger at the person that tipped over their dominoes, there is no logic behind it, no rational thought of, “Hmmmm, maybe I should have stacked my dominoes better….” It’s hatred towards the person who tipped them over in all their carefully stacked glory.

What weak minded delicate inept twats….

Everyone “wants to be awakened” …. This illusion that it’s pretty is just that, an illusion. It’s not all gorgeous sunsets, and yoga models that never sweat, and sparkly “middle path” Zen vibes, and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit.

You do not create a life like that without dumbing down your own feelings and emotions. Both of which are part of what makes us human.

You are NOT empowered by running and hiding from the overwhelming aspects in life, you are empowered by learning to deal with them and embrace them accordingly.

My last therapist Minerva was like this. The man was a 'Zen' wet mop. He prided himself on his control, except there was no control. There was nothing at all. He had spent so much time trying to "control" everything that he silenced his intuitions and made himself so overly yin that he was completely out of balance entirely.

Where there is no resistance there can be no harm, but without resistance in some fashion creation does not happen, energy is not made, and everything goes stagnant. There is no pride in having zero response.

There can be no light without darkness. Both must be in balance for a being to thrive.

Danger is not measured by having none of it, that is simply weakness, powerlessness, sloth, and stasis. Danger is measured by how one chooses to handle it and react to it. Denial of the existence of danger doesn't protect you, it in all actuality makes you more vulnerable, and even more of a target.

And that was exactly my problem with Minerva, his attempts to get me to bury my trauma, forget about it, deny its existence... burying thing only made it worse and it resurfaced in other ways, anxiety, insomnia.... and his method for me was to waste time blathering on about BS ignoring the problem and trying to bury everything back into that deep dark chasm that I just spent years pulling it all out from trying to organize. He would have me go back into the dumb stepford wives club. Where everyone knows but no one says anything, so they don't end up like me. ...

Only it's too late for me, and everyone knows it. Just ask around. "No one wants her because of what happened to her"... they'll all talk about it, and Jim passes around videos and pictures, but in 6 years+ now not one person has had the courage, the honor, or the fortitude of character to even speak to me about any of it without drugging me first and parading me around a room naked.

I'm confused why they think I would want any of them?

Why I would want an abusive gambling and shopping addicted lying jealous sociopath that hasn't known me my entire life, with the exception of maybe 8 months in 2019, and has no children of her own, who also chose to be married to an abusive pedophile and stays with him and defends him...... Whhhhhy would I want her of all people "teaching me etiquette" and "picking out a husband for me"???? Much less caring for my children.

Just how in the holy F was that EVER believable by ANYONE???? (Please see above notes on Cognitive Dissonance.)

“It’s just so unbelievable” … no, it’s really not. You read about it in the news all the time, conspiracy theorists like my coward father read the news every morning and complain and puff their chest about “what they would do were they given control” ….

Nothing. That’s what they would do. Absolutely nothing.

They can't even wrap their little brains around the truth when it's right in front of them because they are so inflexible, so closed minded, so locked in their own perspectives and visions of what "reality" is, the horrors they all boast about could stand right in front of them and spit in their faces and they would smile and go shopping... actually, they would go shopping, throw a party, then go gambling, then throw another party.

"Oh I would come down there with a shotgun!"... No, you wouldn't, you would sit there and make excuses, just like you always have, and just like you always will.

They would sit there like insipid lemmings and run their mouths.

There is maybe 1% of the entire population that would truly sacrifice themselves for a cause that is greater than themselves, and those are not the ones banging their chests bragging about it.

Those are the ones no one ever believes until it’s too late.


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