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How to Shift Timelines in Order to Experience Your Best Reality

by Erin Mixon 2 months ago in advice
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It’s a lot easier than you think…

There’s been a lot of talk about timeline jumping and how to do it, lately.

I’ve heard advice that ranges from drinking two separate cups of water as a way to send out the old and bring in the new to scripting a phrase a thousand times a day for 21 days.

And while I don’t deny that these techniques may have some merit (especially if you believe they will), shifting timelines does not need to be uber complicated.

The following are four ways to shift your timeline:

1) Get Clear

What is it that you want?

What are the things you desire?

In what direction would you like to go?

What would your dream life look like?

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself. You should know the answers in detail without any doubt or hesitation.

Write it down and meditate on these things often. When you do this, you are sending clear and unmistakable instructions to the universe.

2) Be Purposeful

Your thoughts create your reality.

When you know what you want, feel good, and think positively about your life, you will see this positive mindset reflected back to you.

We live in a holographic universe which means you are literally creating your life based on your thoughts and expectations.

In order to shift timelines, shift your negative thoughts to positive ones intentionally.

You can do this with affirmations, visualization, meditation, reading positive scriptures and quotes, and listening to inspirational messages.

It’s also important to block out negative people, places, and things.

So it is of the utmost importance that you keep your thoughts high and expect the best.

3) Don’t Feed the Beast

Emotions are another huge part of what makes up our reality in this holographic universe. One of our strongest emotions is fear.

And the way our mind works is that when fear takes hold, it begins to spiral…meaning it grows.

The more you indulge, the more it builds. As you feed the fears, your mind takes hold of the emotion and begins to reflect the fears back to you more and more.

The end result is catastrophic.

So when you begin to observe fear, it is of the utmost importance that you stop it in its tracks.

Immediately notice the thought and redirect. Substitute the thought for something positive and reflect on that thought.

4) Begin Again

Everyone has a story.

In your mind, you have created a story about the path of your life. You may see yourself as a victim with no control of your life. You may think that life is happening to you and there’s nothing you can do to get ahead.

If so, then life has agreed with you and reflected that back to you over and over again.

But you’re not a victim.

You’re a powerful creator that is very much in control of your life and who has the power and ability to do great things.

But, it starts with changing your mindset and telling yourself another story. It starts by affirming daily that you are a powerful creator and the master of your own destiny.

Final Word

If your life is not currently where you want it to be, it’s time to figure out why.

It’s time to do a self-check-in and begin to analyze your mindset and belief system and to become intentional about your thoughts and emotions.

When you do this, you will unlock the keys to your best life and the most amazing timeline you could have ever imagined!

See you there!

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Erin Mixon

I am a blogger and inspirational writer.

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