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How to reduce the risk of depression

People who have depression are not understood

By Dsaachs KameradPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

The world is still not inclusive enough for people with depression. The older generation can't understand: what kind of depression can a child get? They have survived the hardships of their past lives, but nowadays, children don't know the blessings of their lives. People of the same age can't understand: Why does your little friend look so happy but others say he is sick? If you have not been exposed to depression, you may also have these doubts.

What is depression all about?

Many people think that depression is a psychological change, and you must change the idea that it is a real functional lesion.

The human brain is a very sophisticated "instrument", it needs neurotransmitters to receive signals and process information, once one of the neurotransmitters is abnormal, the neurons cannot transmit signals properly, so people will have negative emotions.

If there is an abnormality in one neurotransmitter, the patient usually only shows depression, while if there is an abnormality in multiple neurotransmitters, the patient will not only be depressed but also manic.

Therefore, depression is not something that can be easily improved by reassurance and self-regulation, but this kind of functional lesion needs to be treated with medication. If patients or their families think that it is not a disease and are ashamed to treat it, the patient's brain volume will shrink over time and the patient will not be able to live normally in a depressed and manic state.

How can a good person be depressed?

45-60 years old, be alert to menopausal depression

Usually, the onset of depression is a little earlier in women than in men, manifesting as low mood, heavy suspicion, inability to sleep, weakness, body aches, pains, not wanting to socialize, etc. It is mainly caused by hormonal changes in the body and the inability to adapt when retiring from work and feeling unsatisfied with the current life.

Easy depression during menstruation

The radical changes in life before and after childbirth, which you cannot accept for a while and feel overwhelmed by life, can also affect your mental health. Fear of not being able to take care of the child, feeling that no one will help you, feeling that your husband does not care about you, etc., all these negative emotions will make the mother break down and produce extreme behavior.

Long-term psychological trauma

For example, during the years of the epidemic, restrictions on traveling, economic downturn, salary decline, moving to isolation, doing nucleic acid, and not knowing when the virus will disappear can make many people feel unable to adapt. In addition, cold violence in marriage, domestic violence, and school bullying can also cause psychological trauma.

You don't know when depression will come, it's so hard to detect, you think it's far away, but data show that the detection rate of depression in adolescents is 24.6% and 6.8% in adults, and these are still diagnosed figures, and many people don't know they are ill or don't seek medical attention.

Manifestations of depression

These words appear frequently and may be targeted by depression

"I'm sorry, I'm useless."

Patients often have a sense of guilt, are prone to guilt, and habitually take things on themselves, even if they are tired and do not know to refuse, when the expected results are not achieved, they feel that they are useless to cause, fall into deep guilt, no matter how others open up to help.

"Sorry, I don't want to go/say"

Human mobility is related to neurotransmitter concentration, when the neurological function is normal you will be full of action, do what you say, very energetic, when the neurotransmitter concentration decreases, the body is like rust, and does not want to move at all, and do not want to communicate with others, just want to be alone in the room, full of powerlessness.

"I'm really tired and you don't even understand."

Patients often feel mentally and physically tired, even if they get up from bed to get dressed, they have to use all their strength, and even if they are very hungry, they are too lazy to move their hands and mouths. Patients' fatigue is also related to the inability to sleep, they lie down when their thoughts will be full, it is difficult to enter deep sleep, and insomnia will aggravate the feeling of fatigue.

Reducing the risk of depression is not difficult to do, try these two tricks

Take a brisk half-hour walk every day, five days a week

A study in the JAMS sub-journal says that brisk walking for 2.5 hours a week reduces the risk of depression by 25 percent.

The study found that people with high activity levels have a smaller risk of depression, which may be related to dopamine secretion, and exercise also promotes the stabilization of various hormones that are beneficial to neurological brain function.

But when it comes to risk reduction, people need to stick with it for a long time and achieve a certain amount of exercise. People who feel inclined to depression can use the time from Monday to Friday to set aside half an hour a day to go for a brisk walk.

If you don't like brisk walking, you can also switch to doing housework, planting flowers and trees, doing yoga, horseback riding, playing ball, and other activities.

Simplify your life and lower your expectations

The more elements of life, the more it will give people a messy feeling and the mood will be affected, while a neat and bright environment makes people's mood follow. When you are in a bad mood, clean up at home and throw out the expired, old and unwanted things together. Too many choices tend to make people confused, simplifying life instead will make the goal clear.

Work and study before making plans, arrange the difficulty level to start with simple things to enhance self-confidence, difficult to solve the problem of appropriate abandonment or after a while to do it, do not push yourself.

Feel stress, and anxiety is often to demanding on themselves, hoping that they can reach a certain height, but ignore their ability to bear, who will be tired after a long time, if you feel tired, then take a break!

Sickness must be treated, do not wait until the problem is getting more and more serious to pay attention, and other people should not be harsh on depressed patients, people who have not experienced it can not feel the pain of patients, not to mention the cynicism, say some hurtful words. Believe in yourself, as long as you can adhere to the treatment will certainly slowly improve.


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