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How to Protect Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

Prevention is better than cure

By Rejoice DenherePublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - October 2021
How to Protect Your Mental Health and Wellbeing
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We’ve become slaves to our gadgets. Every hobby is now seen as a potential side hustle and money-making machine. We no longer do things for the sake of enjoyment. If you’re not monetising a skill you’re seen as if you’re an alien.

Wealth is now measured by the size of our bank balances, number of followers or possessions. Yet, time and time again the truly wealthy people, with bank balances to prove it, always remind us that it’s not the be all and end all of life.

Jim Carrey said this:

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

Good health and wellbeing is what makes true wealth. Changes, however small, can help us take back control and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Stop Monetising Everything

I love baking. Slaving over a cooker is not my thing but give me some flour and I’m your best friend. I love what I can do with it. Each time I share my baked goodies someone will ask — How much would you sell that for?

No, I’m not selling it. Baking is my way of de-stressing. It helps clear my head and vent my frustrations as I take vengeance on the bread dough. I punch it, knead it and roll it until my wrist hurts. I feel so much better afterwards.

Let’s stop trying to monetise every hobby. It creates unnecessary pressure and can stop people doing what they love.

According to The Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 6 people has suffered from a mental health problem in the last week. The site goes on to say that depression is thought to be the second leading cause of disability worldwide, and a major contributor to the burden of suicide and ischemic heart disease.

De-Stigmatise Mental Health Problems by Raising Awareness

The pandemic of 2020 which resulted in job losses only escalated the problem. EarnUp’s CEO, Matthew Cooper, said he was stepping down from his position due to mental health problems.

I'm stepping down as CEO due to my mental health-and I want to talk about it.

I recently chose to step down as CEO of the technology company I co-founded seven years ago. It wasn't an easy… QZ

Sadly, mental health is still stigmatised in some sectors. A lot more needs to be done. I’m glad that Matthew chose to speak out.

Prevention is Better than Cure

When talking about physical health we’re encouraged to eat healthily and ensure we get our 5-a-Day recommended portions of fruit and veg. We don’t hear much about staying mentally healthy and fit. What we do hear is drowned in the noise of wealth creation, making a name for yourself, monetising everything and earning passive income. How can people not feel overwhelmed?

Everywhere you turn there are adverts trying to sell you a product, a course, or something you don’t have and apparently need, and you’re made to feel as if where you’re at in life is not good enough.

Look at this amazing 22 year old YouTube star making six figures a year. You’re over half a century old and you’re still making £10 an hour? Or no! Empty your meagre savings, buy this course and you can be like her.

Why You Should Prioritise Selfcare in 2021

If you don’t, there’s a price to pay.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, the pressure is on. It’s bad for our mental health and wellness. Refuse to be pressured by society. Some of the people we see may not be doing as well as we assume. When we see certain markers like high earnings we fill in the gaps and assume all other areas are also doing well. It’s not always the case.

Final Thoughts

Prioritise your mental health and wellbeing above all else. Without it you can’t do anything.

NHS talking therapies

Talking therapies, or psychological therapies, are effective and confidential treatments delivered by fully trained staff.

Stop monetising everything and enjoy your hobbies.

De-stigmatise mental health challenges by talking about them.

Prevention is better than cure. Be proactive in maintaining a good mental state and seek help when you need it.

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