How to deal with sufferers of depression.

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Here are some tips.

How to deal with sufferers of depression.

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I have been blessed with the fact I've never been depressed nor suffered from depression. Believe me, it is a great fact of my life to have never been cursed with this debilitating disorder which is affecting millions of people. As I write these words, people everywhere are enduring depression. Luckily, I've never been on of those people.

I am the kind of guy whom has this mentality about themselves. While I am not the most confident, I do have a reasonably high opinion about myself. Now, this is not to say I have bad days. There are times where things have fallen apart on me. I've even had my trials and tribulations. But, that is life for you! It's not going to be a bed of roses. There will be occasional storms and struggles, but most of the time I endure and I press onward to the end. Sure, I may come out of the trial at banged up, but at least I came out of the trial! Also, I am stronger for having been through the trial and reflective of the experiences.

People whom suffer from depression, do not have this luxury. For them, the trial is every single day. In fact, these people cannot just jump to action and tackle their issues like any other problem. The sadness they feel takes place for a long time. Even going as far as being a life long struggle.

Now us non-depressed types might not understand their struggles, we can do a lot in the way of helping those with depression. These have helped me when it came to dealing with my friends whom had depression.

1. Listen to those whom have depression.

You know they say it pays to listen. Listening to your loved one is perhaps the best thing you can do for them. All these depressed people want is for someone to listen to their troubles and their outlook. Sure, its all bleak, but if you listen to them, then you are helping them. Do not try to analyze your depressed loved ones or make assumptions. Just listen to them.

2. Do not judge those with depression.

In addition to listening to your depressed loved ones, do not judge them for their ordeals. Judging those with depression only makes it worse for them. These people are enduring enough problems and they do not wish to be judged. Making a spectacle. of their sadness won't help them. In fact, it makes those with depression feel much worse. Judging depressed individuals will only cause these people not to seek help.

3. Please understand that it is NOT a cry for attention.

Let's face it. Would anyone want to feel sad? Not in the least! Those with depression do not wish not feel the painful sadness in their lives. Sufferers are not seeking attention with their ailments. Depression is something these people would rather not have! It is a real illness and it is debilitating to those whom suffer with it. I highly doubt those whom endure the constant refrain of their minds saying "worthless", "you're nothing", "pathetic"...the list goes on...would seek attention like this.

4. Please do not say to those with depression to "Snap out of it!" or, "Get over it!" or, "Man up!".

I am going to write this one part in bold text. This is because I want to stress this one point. Telling someone whom has depression these two phrases is perhaps the worst thing you can ever say to anyone with depression. Depression is not something anyone can just turn off. Believe me, if people with depression could turn off their depression, they would do it in an instance. However, that is not likely to happen. Depression is something that affects their minds. Those whom suffer with depression have a chemical imbalance in their brains. Its not something that's going to be fixed overnight or with harsh words.

We non-depressed types need to stop saying these phrases as they are not helping!

In closing, although I have (thankfully) never had depression, I have met people throughout my life whom have struggle with depression. It is very upsetting to watch the people I love and care about endure this emotional pain and torment. The tips I've listed have helped me deal with my friends whom have depression. I can only hope these tips can help you when dealing with someone with depression.

Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall
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