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How to deal with Emotional Burnout for the future

by Samantha Parrish about a month ago in advice

Five ways to help your future emotional burnout

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The hard part about depression is the unpredictable nature that happens with the various ways depression can effect in the aftermath. Emotional burnout is one of the worst kinds of depression without having to have depression in the term.

Now it is very important that you do talk to to someone about your burnouts, don't shut yourself off from people, they are important and they love you even though you worry about bothering them. Believe me, yours truly has a hard time opening up to others and accepting that people want to listen to my mental health woes.

But on the moments you are on your own, in the aftermath, it's integral to keep moving. This is where I come in to help with five ways to deal with your current or future emotional burnout. For some people like myself, anxiety can't go away, but it can be prepared for.

Before I get into talking about how to help emotional burnout, it would be best to talk about the topic first, to have an understanding of emotional burnout and how to explain it to others as well as understanding it yourself.

You know where the term "Burnt out" came from? A man named, Herbert Freudenberger was the man that coined the term. Interesting isn't it?

What is it: Its a distress that manifests into physical, behavioral and cognitive responses to be altered for a downhill spiral. It's like a ticking time bomb but without the explosion, just the rubble and debris from this quiet and quick explosion on the inside.

When I get the burn from the burnout, I can't move out of my bed, I go from being weary with fatigue to sad and desolate. I don't want to talk to people, I feel lost and hopeless. It's a phantom numbness that takes over my whole body. I feel like I never accomplished anything because I overworked myself into misery.

I (still) find it hard to talk to people about my emotional burnout since it's a term that most are unfamiliar with unless you have a knowledge about how mental health can have stages of stress that is different from one another. It's like I told my mother recently, mental health is like clothing, it's all different and some remedies are chosen like it's a one size fits all, it doesn't work like that.

You won't find any generic saying of "Oh, it'll all be alright." or "That happens", Because I don't know you, you are the reader that wants to get relief from emotional burnout, and this is my way of helping one person with anxiety to another. Please keep in mind that these may or may not work for you, I am not a psychologist, I just want to share my knowledge so you won't be in a position like that without options to consider.

1. Pedialyte

Yes, that’s a drink for children’s health, but there are several benefits it has for adults. Pedialyte is a drink to help for dehydration, when you get upset , you cry, and that means your losing water in your body . Grab a bottle of it from the store, get a tiny glass of it, and do some small sips. Helping an emotional burnout needs to start with your health . Your body is effected by your mental health, that needs to be helped.

A friend of mine taught me that, and anytime I have a depression episode or an emotional burnout, I get glass of that and just sit down to build my heath back up on the inside.

2. ASMR affirmation videos

We all need assurance in life, we like to hear comforting lulling to ease the pain.

Look up "ASMR positive affirmations" on YouTube. There is a list of ASMRists that have scripted comforting words to help the process to get down from an anxiety attack or get back up from emotional burnout.

When I've put on a ASMR video with positive messages that are written to comfort and encourage the listener, I can't help but have some relieved happy tears to come from a sincere creator on the internet. It builds the mental system back up to not feel so shrouded from the burnout, think of those ASMR videos as the fire hydrant spraying those sparks in your head and getting everything fire-free.

3. Skin care

Again, taking care of yourself on the outside will take care of yourself on the inside. It only takes a minimal amount of energy (especially after the fatigue) and it counts as a small victory for yourself. You got out of bed, and you did something for yourself. What skin care should you do? Personally I just like taking a cotton swab, dunk it in some toner and wipe my face. The effect for me is to look in the mirror and see I'm putting myself back together. I have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror after I have a breakdown because I don't like myself, why would I want to look at myself? But seeing myself take care of myself, I'm building myself back up again and I can recognize the vulnerable person I see.

It's a small task, but it does so much then just improving your complexion. If I could make a recommendation to consider; get a rose toner because that is very soothing on the skin (it also works for all skin types as well).

Help your head, by helping your skin. All things in your well-being is connected both physically and mentally. Taking care of those two things is by taking care of one thing, doesn't matter which one comes first because it's the same thing in this care regime.

4. Get Out of your Room

It is the haven, but it is also the cave-in. I phrase it like that because we cave in on ourselves when we hole up in the same place. We have our décor, TV, bedding, which all makes our room, but it doesn't always give comfort. Staying in the same place can wear and tear on the brain, it makes it harder to come back to the same place or take comfort in the environment.

As a creator, I wanted to work in my room because I had all my books, all my plot point books I had for Inglorious Ink (my series I created), my work books for Vocal, I had my entertainment: YouTube and Netflix, I had everything I needed. I had too much going on and I went in circles. I overworked myself with putting too many priorities on my plate with no way to organize it because every time I turned around there was another thing I had to deal with, then I turned around to see another problem, and I still couldn't concentrate on my work. That lead to one of the factors of my emotional burnout.

I knew I had to do something about it, I changed my atmosphere, I packed my backpack to go to a coffee shop and only brought a limited amount of items. It did a change to be far away from my room; to have no distractions, and make a little haven in another place. I can see clearly now both physically and literally.

Wherever or however it is that you get out of room: Get your music, pack light, get some snacks or buy your favorite snack and make a comfortable adventure so when you come back home to your room, it'll feel like a place of peace then a hole.

5. Primp and Polish

Remember when the woman in Mulan said , “primp and polish till you glow with pride”. That works even in the terms of not meeting a matchmaker.

How do you like to dress up? What's your go-to outfit? Go through your closet and get the outfit that makes you feel something again. It could be an outfit your wore recently or one that you wanted to wear. Who cares what people think of that outfit, it does something for you, not them!

My go-to garments: a Bardot top and magenta skirt, something that makes me feel ready and I can see the person I want to see again.

Getting ready, clothes and cosmetics, it feels like battle armor. Depression is a war within, and it helps to have that battle armor. Have some fun with your fashion and get made up with some makeup as your war paint. It's all about you in the self-care, it's Ok to think about yourself when it comes to getting your image back as well as preparing yourself to get back out there after the burnout!

That'll be the accomplishment that you beat the fatigue and the shrouded thoughts. You put yourself back together again and got the scorches healed from that burnout.

Thanks for reading and take care of yourself!

Samantha Parrish
Samantha Parrish
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