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How to be strong inside

Inner strength is born from a choice, it is born from a choice of focus.

By Haas TashPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

When it comes to the four words "strong inside", the first feeling many people may have is that "the storage space in the heart of this person is very large and can hold a lot of things".

People are like a computer, and the human heart is the hard disk of this computer, and then a good computer, the hard disk storage space is limited, once the storage of too many things, or the installation of software more than the computer's performance capacity, it will affect the use of the computer.

In more detail, if we want to buy a computer only for daily office use, then the computer's memory, graphics card, and other hardware configuration requirements are not so high, correspondingly, if we need to edit video, develop software, learn into or for engineering drawing, it is necessary to buy a higher hardware configuration, better performance of the computer.

So, very good performance of the computer will be able to install a variety of high-performance software without limit? This is not feasible, in other words, how advanced the computer is, there is its limit, once it exceeds its carrying limit, the performance of the computer will be affected.

In other words, if we want a computer to serve us smoothly, we have to selectively install software that matches the performance of the computer according to its actual hardware configuration.

Further, if we install software that is particularly demanding on the running environment on a computer with an average configuration, it will cause the computer to lag, and if we uninstall this software from the computer, the computer's running efficiency will be restored.

Similarly, people are the same, the software is equivalent to some of the things we encounter, and the human heart is equivalent to the computer's hardware configuration, but, unlike the computer, human tolerance can be experienced through experience and enhancement.

Of course, no matter how strong a person's tolerance, his inner storage space is limited, so the so-called inner strength, is not that a person's heart can be loaded with how many things, but that a person's ability to judge and filter information.

For example, we most commonly see people with small hearts, people with small hearts will be calculating, others casually say a few words about him, he will hold a grudge, will hold a grudge against others, can not afford to joke, to put it bluntly, they do not know how to filter information, what things to the heart, what things, what words will be remembered in the heart for a long time, and the storage space of the heart is limited, so it will lead to their tolerance far less than others.

Correspondingly, if we communicate with those who have a strong heart, or a large pattern, we will find that when they encounter some difficulties and frustrations, or even when they are accused, their focus on information is different, and their logical thinking is different.

For example, as a business owner, when the enterprise encounters a crisis, they will not focus on the crisis itself, not always immersed in "this crisis is serious! This logical thinking, but to find ways to get through the crisis, is to think of various ways to solve the difficulties faced at the moment, so they will show some inner strong behavior performance.

In fact, in essence, they just hold a belief in their hearts, that is, always believe that "there are always more ways than difficulties", and will be very persistent to face the difficulties encountered, until the final solution to the problem.

Therefore, people who are strong inside are strong-willed and highly focused, and they tend to be result-oriented, focusing on finding ways to get through difficulties rather than on the difficulties themselves and giving up on themselves.

What does inner strength stem from? Inner strength stems from judging and sifting through information to further find where you should put your focus to solve the problem and get a big result.

Strong inside, from a sunny, positive mindset, strong inside, will take the difficulties and setbacks as a tool to experience their abilities, rather than only see difficulties from difficulties, and not only see obstacles from setbacks.


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