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by Kaysha Stack 4 years ago in coping

The truth.

regina, sk, canada

Home is a complicated thing.

This is my first ever blog post on this site and I must say that I am thrilled to connect with you. If you have any topics you would like me to address in the future please do not hesitate to send in a request.

My name is Kaysha. I am a 19 year old currently living in Vancouver, Canada pursuing a life of an actor. I have been studying this craft for the past 4 years and I truly couldn't see myself striving for any other career. Although performing has had a massive impact on my life, it's not the only art which gives me passion. Photography is something new that I am starting to pick up, I have always seen myself as a writer also. I am a nature buff- which is perfect for me living in British Columbia since there is such a diverse landscape for me to explore. I love it, I love to discover, but I notice there are certain things I find myself going back to: the same convenience store, the same park bench, the same person. This is something that has been truly testing the connection between my mind and my heart, and perhaps that is why the concept of 'home' baffles me.

I observe, I discover, but I enjoy routine. Humans are creatures of habit, that's a fact, so I try not to be too harsh on myself if I'm uncomfortable in a new situation. If there is one thing I have learned this year throughout my college experience, through putting in more blood, sweat and tears in just one year than I ever experienced... it is this.

Find comfort in the discomfort.

A close mentor of mine who inspires me dearly said this to me during my first two months of acting school, and as I am nearing the end of my college journey this is the one, true piece of advice I know I will carry with me. At only 19 years old, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a wide variety of emotions through pursuing this craft- majority of the emotions I have felt during this time have certainly not been pleasant. But I consider myself lucky, I have lived an extravagant life at only 19 years old, even if it's just pretend, but the emotion is real. It's valid. I felt it.

I'm miles away from my family, my friends I grew up with, the people who understand me and don't expect my justification. Yes, I'm away from the ones I love... but I've learned this.

Change is inevitable.

Often times we hate it, our entire being despises it, but it is bound to happen, and that is the truth. People will grow old, move on, move out, and set out on a new journey which will be full of self-discovery. Keep this in mind, your body is your home too. You harness so much knowledge, experience, emotion. But this body is truly the only home you will ever have. Find home within yourself. You don't need to search for a home in someone else, or even materialistic things to satisfy your empty spaces. You have the ultimate power to fulfill everything you desire, and it starts with acceptance. Acceptance of yourself, acceptance of given circumstances. Relax, and feel the fire of your heart as it keeps you warm. As I mentioned earlier, change is inevitable. It is a cycle in this lifetime that cannot be escaped from. It's going to be thrilling, exhausting, but it is apart of being human. It is apart of growing up. Like the seasons, leaves will fall, only for a new bud to blossom.

Be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

You are home.


Kaysha Stack

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Kaysha Stack
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