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When you stop to rest, don't forget that someone is still running

By 张家豪Published 3 months ago 6 min read

1, the elasticity of the heart, but by feeling to maintain, more feeling, more touched, more touched, more success; Simple things, can let us know a lot of life, let us learn to use honest and simple heart to face the world.

Everything dare to think is half the success, as long as the effort to do, will be successful, unless I stop trying, otherwise will never be a failure. For example, my life today is decided by my choice three years ago, and my choice today will determine my life three years later.

3, the meaning of life lies in colorful experiences, which have sweet and sour, bitter, success, failure, high passion, also have fallen into the abyss of low, all mixed together, constitute a complete life.

4, in fact, all true love is unfinished, and good love should make love always keep in the unfinished situation. That is to say, the two lovers should always maintain the necessary distance and tension between each other, and treat each other as an individual, as an object that must always be sought again, and never be possessed once and for all.

5. Everything comes when you don't want anything. The fate of life, has been in everyone's side. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer to success; What is success? Is through all the way to failure, there is only one road, that is the road to success.

6, a person no matter in what kind of environment must have their own pursuit and dream, have the desire to succeed, can not be afraid of difficulties, brave choice, persistent pursuit, with confidence, tenacity and tenacious to embrace the dream.

7. I don't feel lonely even when I'm in a cage. I appreciate a stranger's struggle and free and easy. It is the control of the mind that makes it more pure. As if a piece of white paper but hidden abyss, if not touch also can not see through. Do not praise, do not bow. Today finally feel the sky after the bottleneck.

8, as long as successful people, often have to experience a period of helpless years. Like the darkness before dawn, endure, the day will be light. The so-called Qianli horse is not necessarily the fastest, but it must be the best endurance. You can complain, but you must endure; Can be lonely, but can not be silent. Come on!

9, there are two roads in life, a heart walk, called dream; A foot walk, called reality. Heart go too fast, will get lost; Feet go too fast, will fall; Heart go too slow, will pale reality; Feet go too slow, dreams will not fly. The wonderful life, is the heart to go well, the pace is just. Take control of your heart, let it go right, go well; Speed up our pace, let the dream give birth to beautiful wings!

10, true love is not necessarily the eyes of others perfect match, but love each other's hearts fit each other. Is to make each other's life better and silent dedication, this love not only warm their own, but also warm those secular hearts.

11, life is such a mysterious, idle is not, impatient is not, not idle is not impatient is a kind of world and act size, master this size, in the social upward, will not be delayed by neglect and miss the opportunity, also will not be anxious to succeed and move. Only grasp the size of not arrogant and impetuous, in order to successfully reach the other side of success.

12, the establishment of their own dream, and active action, is a must for success, dream is motivation, and action is the key, no matter how good the dream is, not to realize, it can only be a fantasy, tomorrow is the best excuse for human delay, but success must be to work hard today, today's brilliant is the result of yesterday's efforts, tomorrow's brilliant must be the return of today's efforts.

13, life to learn to endure hardship, bitter will come. Because life is more bitter than happy in the process of growth, can endure hardships the opportunity of success is always waiting for him. After all the hardships, the bright future is at the end.

14, mentality: rather than choose pessimistic complain, choose optimistic positive, if we can't change the environment, at least can change their attitude towards things. Mentality is our attitude reaction to all kinds of life encounters, a good attitude contributes to success, poor attitude only destroy yourself. We can't do everything right, but we can do everything right.

15, each of us the pursuit of life goals are not the same, everyone's dream is not the same, but there is a very simple reality in front of us, is that everyone wants to be affirmed, be respected. If we get recognition and respect from others, we often have a feeling of success, but this feeling also needs to be based on strength.

Only beyond the self, can overlook the world. Have confidence, there will be a future. Firm confidence, can make ordinary people do amazing career. Confidence is the source of success, in doing anything, if we can fully affirm ourselves, is equal to half the battle. Only with confidence, can surpass oneself. God helps those who help themselves, if a person does not have confidence, even God will not help him.

Fate is like keys, only black and white ensemble, can pop out beautiful notes. After frustration, injury, tears as baptism, life is complete. Is yours, regardless of its good or bad, mo picky, less complain, positive face, optimistic change, rainy day also has the sun. While young, boldly go out, to meet the baptism of wind, frost, rain and snow, practice a patient, open-minded, wise heart, happiness will come.

18, life needs our often taste, in order to find the fun of life on the road; Life needs our love from time to time, such a life is full of spring, summer, autumn and winter, such a life to let us feel the world. Life needs us to adhere to the dream, unremitting efforts, so that we are not far away from the road to success, because we are always moving forward on the road of life.

Life lies in the process of doing things, planning rather than planning people. Success is a by-product of doing things well. It's important to experience doing them well. The outcome is beyond human control. Nature is the best. Do valuable things, do things that help mankind stand together in times of difficulty, and do things that are meaningful to future development and progress.

20, whenever we encounter a choice, efforts can let us have more choices, but knowledge can let us better understand the meaning of each choice. The reason we don't succeed, the reason we don't become one of the few people in this world, is because we probably don't have enough choices and don't understand the options thoroughly enough.

Tolerance is the vast expanse of the sea, it can accommodate hundreds of rivers. Tolerance is a vast grassland, it can tolerate all kinds of plants growing together. Tolerance is the warm sunshine, it can melt an iceberg. Tolerance is the fire in the cold night, can bring warmth. Tolerance is the boundless universe, it can carry the entire galaxy.

In life, there is no desperate situation, only people who bring despair into life. The key is how we deal with the environment we find ourselves in. Accept the fact that life is not easy, and you will make your life a lot easier. It's important to remember: Life is hard, but even so, what's the big deal?


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