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Healing Sexual Trauma

Balancing the Pleasure Center

By SagePublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Healing Sexual Trauma
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I feel such a deep sadness. On better days it lingers, blocking the inner peace that I crave to reclaim. I try to distract myself with turtle-dove cheesecake,rooftop parties, and wild sex with unsuitable partners, for it only to resurface during my alone time. I crave intimacy, yet, I fear it. So, I innately attract others who are emotionally unavailable due to some form of past trauma.

Sound familiar?

Sexual Trauma

There are various forms of sexual trauma. The degrading looks at your developing body from older men, teasing from your classmates during puberty, date rape, labor and the experiences go on.

Sexual traumas are negative, sexually-related experiences that cause lower emotions. Guilt, fear, and anger, sometimes repressed, are some of these emotions that can block the pleasure center.

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The Pleasure Center

The pleasure center is the Sacral Chakra. It’s color is orange and is responsible for emotions, sexuality, pleasure, creativity, and governs the reproductive organs. Various traumas to this chakra can cause an imbalance producing blockages.

Emotional blockages, such as mentioned above, reduces the inability to feel deeply or understand emotions. Sexual blockages produce a lowered libido or promiscuity. Blockages in creativity reduce the drive to tap into one’s artistic space. Ultimately, physical blockages cause pain in this region from muscle memory (psoas, lower abs) or dis-ease forming in the reproductive organs.

When the sacral chakra is disrupted, so is our ability to fully participate in its functions and harness its full power.

We are complete beings; mind, body, and soul. When any aspect of our being is out of alignment it will reflect on all levels.

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Reclaiming Balance

To regain our alignment we must have awareness. This is the first step to finding solutions. Although awareness is not always easily found. The human being heals in layers. Whether that be metaphysical, psychological, or anatomical. We naturally build defense mechanisms to protect our most sensitive areas.

Sexual trauma tends to be buried to carry on another day. The violation or embarrassment can be too much for one to cope.

Once buried, the trauma may be protected by anger, guilt, blame and may be acted out through emotional-eating, forms of abuse, or lewd sexual acts.

Going further into promiscuity, many will say that they are expressing their sexual freedom, when many times at the root there was a previous act of sexual degradation, imprinting a wound. Until there is awareness, the behavior may resume and continue to be defended.

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Restoration of Inner Peace

Awareness is the gateway to solutions. Acceptance is the key. Once entered, there are a myriad of ways to heal. Various therapies guide to releasing trauma and restoring the person to a higher state of consciousness.

Counseling or coaching with a focus on sexual trauma offers the opportunity for talk therapy and other modalities to be incorporated to move through the emotional and mental triggers of said trauma.

Energy therapy can tap into the sacral chakra and metaphysical blockages to create flow. Physical and massage therapies can assist with muscle release. These are just a few ways to release the trauma and return to wholeness.

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Patience- The Way to Healing

Think of a blooming flower when it relates to the healing process. The petals need time for nourishment and growth, then at the ordained time the petals open with vibrancy. Healing trauma requires time, patience and nurturing. So don’t rush the process, stay focused on the release and the balance coming forward. Trust and allow.


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I am a spiritual coach, focusing on sexual trauma and lifestyle advancement. I also guide others in healthy lifestyle choices and vegan options. This is my business writing page, thanks for the viewing and tips given towards my efforts.❤️

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