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Give Me A Break!

by Tyris Branford 4 months ago in addiction

I am an addict..

Give Me A Break!
If loving you was wrong

Today, I went to my first NA meeting, Narcotics Anonymous. I have been to a redemption like this before. Therefore, I am saying that this isn’t my first adventure. Intuitively speaking, I should have never let go of this trip in the first place!

Unity is the best, and only way, to camp out in this group advantage for enjoying knowing that being an addict is not solely singled out. The best thing to learn in this group recovery is to know that you are not alone in recovery!

I, alone, am not alone in following through, thoroughly, in recovery! NA Fellowship is actually the most beneficial group assignment that I have taken apart of, in my addiction. Meth, or liquid dope, is my addiction, and allowing myself to know that I am not alone, I am actually more casual, manifestedly, in receiving my, “why am I feeling that only smoking can make me do, or be better?”

Now, I can say that the best score in this is knowing that personal effort is not the case, but allowing unity in group acceptance is more rewarding than just knowing that I, myself want to do better, but that the whole group would want to do better as well.

Unity: the best achievement, yet!

The realest thing in the group is being able to be open, and not being judged. The no judgment idea is REAL and allows a whole bunch of slack in the process of understanding how to take control over addiction.

There are actually no pleas to find within this establishment, bidding due to being able to tell, and hear stories of addiction, how to overcome addiction, and how to relate to other people that are going through addiction.

The only downside would be making the choice to choose to subdue in a group like Narcotics Anonymous. The only hard position is to make the first step in, and be as vocal as the advanced members of the group, even if you just hear them out, and not choose to speak much in the group.

I did choose to speak, and felt way welcomed with that outcome. I was not lost, or without awareness, with all of the commute in conversation going on. I absolutely enjoyed being apart of it.

So, what way do you choose to go through addiction?

It can be done alone, but the most asked choice hear is for it NOT to be done alone.

The feeling of being alone would just drown out the perspective of being involved, as a whole, with the acts of overcoming all of the world’s biggest problem: Addiction.

Don’t be frightened, you are not alone with this outcome. There are many of bigger people, well known, and fortunate people, who have gone through addiction. But, alone is not an option.

If you know that you are having trouble with addiction, seek out your sources. Find a place, like Narcotics Anonymous, or Alcoholics Anonymous, And let that be a beneficial choice for you!

You would not miss out in the fun, good times, cutting up, the making of a great healing process, the best experience of your life!

Let yourself be free willed, enjoy the time that you take in being involved in the community, and join in the process!

I’m not calling anyone of you out, or trying to make you seem that even if you don’t choose to make the best choice in your life, to join a community as so, that you are not aware, or confident enough, or strong, or mighty enough to overcome your addiction, just as I am! I am motivating you to do just that. Even if it is just one meeting, one meeting is all that counts, even if that means every meeting that you include yourself in!

Count on your community, make your mark, and join in on the parade!

You Can Do This!

Make It Count!

Hi! I’m an addict, and wish that you can overcome your biggest fears, as I do for mine!

Thank you for being a witness!

Tyris Branford
Tyris Branford
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