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Genius or psychotic

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Genius or psychotic

"What is this world like?" This is a seemingly simple question. I remember many years ago, I once received a birthday card with a touching sentence: The most exciting thing is actually the world itself. After seeing this sentence, I started to think about traveling around the world, because I felt it necessary to get to know the planet I live in. Soon after I had this wish, I thought about the question I just mentioned: what is the world like? Driven by curiosity, I spent a lot of time and energy to find answers through various channels and methods. But I found that no one can tell what the world is like. Just when I was puzzled by this, I heard a friend who is a psychiatrist talk about some cases, and then I seemed to understand a little-why no one can tell what the world is like. Taoism: it is the world; Buddha: it is one of the six ways; God: it is the battlefield between heaven and hell; Philosophy: it is an endless dialectical fog; Physics: it is an aggregate of elementary particles; humanities: It is existence; history says: it is the accumulation of time. Obviously, they all have their own explanations. It seems that this world is an irregular body with countless sides. So I started to ask those familiar with me with interest: "In your opinion, what is the world like?" But I did not get a serious answer. why? Probably because few people have thought about this problem, and few people are really willing to face it. After all, everyone is busy making money, looking for a wife, getting a promotion...Few people care what the world is like. More people are puzzled by my behavior of not busy making money, not busy finding a wife, not busy getting promotion, and at the same time expressing half-truth and half-truth: are you crazy? Well then, I decided to ask another group of people-"psychiatric patients", or the mental patients in our eyes. With a complicated mentality, I started to contact this special group, and wanted to know how they viewed the world. Mental patients also have very different personalities and behaviors: some like to talk endlessly, some have nothing to do, some are silent, and some are oblivious. This is no different from the sentient beings on the street. But they will do things that we cannot understand, and they will have perspectives that we have never thought of. Their worldview is incredible, and they observe the world from a perspective we never thought of. This may be why many people think it is difficult for mental patients to communicate. I think that some behaviors may not be understandable only by looking at the results. It would be much better to understand the causes. So, after that decision, I used my spare time to do one thing-contact with mental patients. Baiju passed the gap, and one day four years later, at noon, I suddenly decided to end it and stop my curiosity. Another year later, I decided to write down the things I had organized in bits and pieces... So now, as a reader, you find this book on a certain shelf and turn to this page. Saw my insulting self-preface.

I very much hope that before you start to read this book, you can accept my little suggestion: Please clear away the fog of words and representations, and have a more open contact with the essence of this wonderful world. I hope that after reading this book, you can have your own ideas and thoughts. It is very important to have your own thoughts. It can even be said that this is more important than anything else. I only hope that this book is a window that allows you to see more and more worlds—the world from other angles. I also hope that one day you can say frankly: "Let me tell you what kind of world this is in my eyes."

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