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Generational Trauma

by Connie Sahlin 2 years ago in humanity
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Down the Rabbit Hole

We are all living in our own unique worlds. And no one can understand your life nor you theirs. Don’t believe me? Let me take you on a walk down the rabbit hole.

First, who are you? You were made in the physical form by your biological parents. In your body are feelings, memories and traumas that were passed down for at least 7 generations. That was your gift at conception. Then during the pregnancy, everything your mom felt during that time, you also felt. These are facts that studies have proven.

Now let's look at your spirit, your soul if you will. The spirit enters into the body with its own memories of all its past lives or incarnations. You may find this part hard to believe but there are many stories that prove this one. The one that is most compelling is that of a little boy who remembered being a fighter pilot in the war. You can read his story here There are many other similar stories. One child was able to lead police to the body of the murdered man and even named the murderer. You can read more on that here

There are many more, but if you don’t believe after those two, then more will not convince you. But, if you do believe that this can be true, then let's continue down the rabbit hole.

With the possibility of infinite times of living on this earth in a human body or other body, influences from each of them can come through as well.

Do you have an aversion to a smell, yet have no idea why. Allergies are also associated with past traumas. You may have a pain that you have no idea what happened, but it was always there. I'm going to share a few personal stories. They are what got me started looking in this direction. I will go from the earliest to most recent.

I don’t remember when it started, for my memory I always had a death wish. I remember being around 3 or 4 and would say my bedtime prayer. We were taught to say, now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take. But mine was, now I lay me down to sleep please lord don’t make me wake up. But if I have to, can it be with a family who loves me. Amen.

On my healing journey, I have often tried to figure out why such a young child would want to die. I remember asking my mom about her pregnancy with me. What was going on. Note, at this point I knew that things could pass down. I asked if she was happy when she found out she was going to have another child. She told me the truth. A truth I didn’t want to hear. She said her only thought, her hope was that I would be the one to kill her. You see, when she had her first child in 1955, she nearly died. The doctor told her if she were to have another child, it could kill her. I was number 4. All during the time I was growing inside her, she was praying that she would die. When she first told me this, I didn’t see it as the orgen of my own death wish. That took a few years and working on a book to have it slapped in my face. The death wish I lived with, carried and even tried to make good on several times, it was her’s. I could finally let it go. It took me a few years from the realization that it was hers and my finding a MNRI practitioner that taught me an exercise that finally took that urge away. It has only been 8 months now, with no death wish. Now I can have a “bad” day and don’t jump to the thought of how I should kill myself.

I had many favorite fantasies of how to do it too. I would always have to think if I did do it, did I want people to know I did it, or make it look like someone else did it or just an accident. Just an accident was when I was driving. That was one of mine, since I started driving. I was 19 when I got my licence. My daughter was 2. She was the reason why I would talk myself out of it, most of the time.

She was 9 and my first husband left me for another woman. We had only been together a total of 3 years, but he was my first love. My doctor had given me pain pills, when I wanted a referral for the Chiropractor. I didn’t want them, but I did get them, just in case it was real bad. I had about 10 in the bottle. I had gone out and was so drunk I could hardly get in bed, that was when I knew I had to do it. I was no good as a mother. I got a glass of water to take the pills. I dropped them several times before I got them all taken. I closed my eyes and smiled.

The next morning I woke up 30 min before work. I called to say I would be a little late, but no one was in yet. I was only 5 minutes early, instead of my normal 15 minutes. The only way everyone knew I was “late” was that the coffee wasn’t ready.

I tell you this, only so you may have a little understanding of why people do it. Being born already having a body and soul with their own memories of the past lives, is not a good way to begin a life. Add that you are now being raised by adult children who never healed from the pain you are already carrying, you can now see why we have such a spike in mental health issues.

The Doll was a big part of my healing. You can learn about that here

It is hard to find someone that is not on a mood controlling drug of some kind, including cannabis, and or seeing a mental health practitioner. Note the word “practitioner. Someone in practice. Meaning still learning. Many in the field are there due to their own problems. And many of them never healed from them completely.

So, I gave you a good example of how negative information is passed down. But I know you need more prof, right? Okay, I have another story for you.

When my daughter was 12 she needed to go to a Chiropractor. The one we picked did Kinesiology as part of the regular practice. With kinesiology, they can talk to the body, if you will. You can learn more about how Kinesiology works here

It was with this doctor that I learned that we get more from our parents than our eyes and hair color. I had read the book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, found here, so I knew that what happened to me, could be passed to my children. But it was during one of her visits for her neck that I mentioned that her right knee had been bothering her on and off for sometime, that I learned it can go much further than I thought. Using, you guessed it, kinesiology, he found the emotion of abandonment. I was in the room, but she was on a table not facing me and the doctor had his back to me while working. I tell you this so you understand I was in no way influencing what he said. When he asked her body when that event was, her body told him in the first trimester. I was crushed, but quickly remembered what was going on at that time. I was afraid to tell her father I was pregnant because it was only weeks before that he caused me to have a miscarage by punching me in the stomach.

Before you ask me why I stayed, I was 15 when I left with him. I had been a chronic run-away from the time I was 13. So, I didn’t have another place to go. I was visiting my sister, who lived 9 hours away, when I found out I was pregnant. I told him over the phone and I stayed with my sister for 3 weeks, making sure he was good with me having a baby before I went “home.”

Back at the doctors office, the doctor then asked if that was the original event. Her body said no. How do you get earlier than the first trimester, I thought. The answer was chilling to me. Her body told him the original was when I was 11. My daughter had no idea how old I was when my mom left. We had never even spoken of it until that day. What really bothered me was, until then, I thought I was happy she left. The fighting was finally over. But I realized how hurt I was that she left me when I was only 11.

Now for some real crazy stuff. When a woman is 3 months' gestation within her mothers womb, she already is carrying all the eggs she will ever have. (This is also talked about in the book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child.) So her future children are also being affected by what their grandmother is living through during the pregnancy. This is a simple introduction to DNA It is not known just how many generations a bit of information needs to be repeated before it is hard wired in our DNA. The fight or flight response is due to generational trauma from early man. The trauma of being hunted. It’s been a long time that humans have been hunted. Yes, there are still attacks around the world. But, if you were one of those animals, who have their own generational trauma of many species being destroyed by humans, you would have the occasional rebel who rather than stay hidden, chooses to attack. People are not the only ones that experience trauma after all.

As you can see, over time information can be hard wired in a familial line or after enough time, the entire species.

I am sure that if you take a few minutes and think about your life, you can find moments where you way over reacted to the situation in the moment, because you are reacting from the place of a related event from your past. Or even the past of a parent or grandparent.

If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it will help you better understand yourself and others.

Give it a thumbs up and I will write more on trauma and the mind.


About the author

Connie Sahlin

I am new to writing, at least for others to read. I hope that you will like some of what I write.

I am starting the next chapter of my life and putting myself out of my comfort zone, this is part of it.

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