Gambling + Me = Bad Combination

by Lee Taylor 5 months ago in addiction

Learning the hard way...

Gambling + Me = Bad Combination

So a little about me..

I’m 38. Live in a lovely city in England.

I work in Retail and I work as a screenwriter in my spare time. Believe me, the retail job is simply to pay the bills and the debt. The writing career is yet to take off, although I’m currently working on a television series, which one day could get made.

Though I work hard, it almost feels like it’s been for nothing. Online gambling has proved to be a weakness over the years.

If I could give you one piece of advice to take away from this article—don’t do it. No, really—don’t.

No matter how much money you have, you’ll never have enough to gamble with and think you can get out alive. Take a look at some of those Youtubers who record gambling videos. Of course, you’ll see jackpot win videos—and yes, some are honest enough to show their losing sessions—but the truth is—all they really do is encourage others to think they have a chance to win the same. Indeed, you may win, and win big—but unless you can walk away and not feel tempted to play again, you’re at risk of getting hooked.

Here in the UK, we have bookies where people can place sports bets or play on slot machines. Thankfully, our government had made it law where you cannot bet more than £2 on a single spin, whereas before, it was £100. Gambling has become more of a problem over the last decade, so things have had to change.

Has this stopped people gambling? Well.., not really. People have moved online where there are no restrictions on how much you can wager, depending on the game's maximum stakes.

I started out playing on simple slot machines in arcades and pubs—and then as I got older, I turned to the bookies. Admittedly, I should have stopped there... but I got worse. I could easily spend £100 a day, if not more. Sometimes I would win and be up by hundreds of pounds, but mostly I lost.

It didn’t take long to discover online slot websites or the fact you could win a lot more than the typical £500 maximum jackpot in the bookies. The only problem here though was the fact that it’s easy to use your debit or credit card to deposit quickly. Because of this, I could easily spend an entire month of wages in one day. Disaster.

I can’t tell you how much misery is brought me—or to my family and friends that had to bail me out or witness my spiral into debt. I even almost lost my home to it twice.

Although my gambling has curbed a lot over the last few months, I’m still paying the price for the addiction. Essentially, I’m having to pay back almost £3k to credit cards and a loan. The thought I owe this money makes me feel sick, and keeps me up at night, but at the end of the day, I put myself in that position so I’m paying the piper.

The point is, life can throw curve balls at us all—it’s how we react that shows the true us. My gambling problems tend to stem from events within my life; the loss of my sister, the loss of my mother and childhood traumas have took their toll. If I had one wish in life, it would be to clear this mess up and finally move on with my life.

Always remember, we only live once. No matter what issues we have, what vices afflict us, things can always be worse, but they can be a lot better as well—and that happens when we push hard enough for it.

Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor
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