Fighting Depression

by Rachel Smith about a year ago in coping

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Fighting Depression

Fighting depression can be difficult but don't fret, it is not impossible. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2005 and it was a big struggle for me. I found that I had no joy in doing things and a lot of the times I just wanted to stay in bed. Sometimes when looking at loved ones or friends, people don't always realize that their friend or loved one is depressed. For me. when I look back, I realize that even though my parents didn't always notice when I was depressed, our boxer Baron always knew. Baron was a godsend. No matter how bad I felt he was always there to make me smile. He was an amazing companion that showed an amazing amount of love and concern for each of us, especially me when I was falling. If you find that you are depressed, I highly recommend a loving four-legged cuddle buddy.

There are several different ways that depression can be fought. Having a loving cuddle buddy helps a lot. Even on my worst days, I always found the energy to take care of him like he needed me to. If you are not an animal lover don't fret. There are other ways to help fight depression. I know that in some cases people fear the therapists and doctors, but in reality, they are a big help. The first time I was hospitalized I told my mom that I didn't need to see a therapist, that I was fine without their help. After my second hospitalization, that line didn't work. So off to the therapist I went and honestly, she was amazing. She was so helpful and she really listened. I found that just being able to sit down and have a session with her was incredibly helpful to me. Having a therapist was a wonderful thing. She truly sat and listened to me and helped me through certain situations that I thought I had to work through on my own. She was the one that mentioned one of my favorite helpers.

A lot of times we don't have people to talk to when we really need it. It is at these times that I turn to my journal. It has taken me a long time to really get into it and believe that it would help me. I spent years trying to get into journaling. Once I did, I noticed a difference in myself. I used to journal once or twice a week, sometimes twice a day if it was really bad. Now I am down to once a day and even if I don't have anything to really talk about, I still write. It helps me get everything out and afterward I feel so much better. Getting out all of the negative thoughts and things that are making you feel down is a good way to fight the depression.

Growing up, I loved music and I still do to this day. I didn't know at the time that it would be one of the best things to help me. After my second hospitalization, my dad bought me an Xbox 360 and a variety of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. I spent hours on those games after school. I found that it was really very helpful in taking my mind off the negative thoughts in my life.

Depression can be hard to deal with and it is absolutely okay to ask for help. Don't fear the doctors or therapists. Don't be afraid to talk to your family or your friends. Family and friends are there for you; they love you and will help you through everything that comes your way. Be strong, you can do this.

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