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Face the Giant Maverick of Emotions

by Mattie M. 4 years ago in advice
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Surf the Waves

Maverick waves are huge. The blue skyline is beautiful with the white clouds over head. Emotions are many times like the Maverick waves. The white caps come crashing down, you can sink below to the bottom of the ocean and be dragged along the bottom, and skid across the sandy shore. I remember the one day I tried to learn to surf the waves. I never made it up long enough because the water came rushing my way and dragged me in the undertow to the bottom of the ocean.

Life has it’s twists and turns, it will take you up high with the Maverick and bring you back down and back up again. At times you can be in the eye of the hurricane. When life hits you hard, wipes out everything in sight, it can be filled with grief, despair, anger, resentment, bitterness, rage, and the Maverick is pounding high in the chambers of the heart. Rising and falling with the white caps and getting plowed over by the gigantic avalanche of emotions will take you under.

Often, introverts tend to keep things locked inside. There are times when we’ve felt like were drowning in life, suffocating, and couldn’t breathe. I’ve faced many of those times and allowed myself to drown, died emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and made bad choices because the emotional and mental pain was so great inside. This was a life long experience for me to learn to show up in life for myself and show up for others at the same time.

When we try to avoid facing relationships, facing what we truly feel inside, try to escape our authentic truth, this can delay our success in life. The emotions must come in some shape or form. The introvert will war with themselves, battle with the internal world, and the external world outside. Whenever you’re on the ocean, you learn to feel the timing of the waves, feel the rhythm of the waves, feel every emotion, heartbeat, undertow, and rise out of the depths of the ocean.

Whenever you sit on a surf board, you feel the temperature of the water, you feel the temperature of the air. The skies tell you whether it will be a stormy sea, sunny calm day, or mediocre day that’s in between. Sometimes in the middle of dark emotions, we get lost and drift out to sea. When I was younger I used to get lost in the emotions of waves. I would lose myself and sabotage my relationships and myself at the same time because I didn’t “know thyself.” Many introverted millennials aren’t aware they’re getting lost in their emotions and wiping themselves out when the Maverick comes.

In those moments, emotional pain can take your focus so deep into yourself, your oblivious to the emotional and mental pain you’re causing others in the process. There’s a time to individuate, take time for yourself, and detach from the masculine or feminine, and get a good sense of yourself. While it is a rough ride, it’s necessary to rise- up out of the depths of despair, depression, and anxiety. Self-mastery is the key to life. Self-discipline is necessary to evaluate the situation, get a keen eye on what it is your experiencing, what your five senses are telling you.

The first thing one does when there in deep emotional and mental pain is try and escape feeling their feelings and emotions. I did this personally the first part of my life. Holding everything in as an introvert is a disaster waiting to happen, the Maverick takes you down if you don’t learn how to flow with it, master it, and conquer it, the different swells, undertows, white caps, and black wholes can be quite challenging.

Every emotion must be expressed whether negative or positive. There is nothing wrong with what you feel. Everything that goes in must come out in some shape or form. This can be in a violent rage, anger, resentment, bitterness, hostility, and inner violence or outer violence towards another individual. This can also be calm, soothing, gentle, soft, ways that are relaxing and where one can breathe in life.

Emotions can rumble, tumble, and wipe you out, or they can be clear and concise, where you know they exist for a reason to allow you to know what needs to be balanced within one’s self. The challenge is to stop the roaring rage before it becomes a storm. Face the eye of the hurricane and understand it doesn’t have to be a maverick. You can change your tune by focusing your attention on something more pleasant, more life giving, more pleasurable, and more relaxing. Calm waves remain even in the middle of the storm, the raging winds, the thunder, lightning, and you may even be dragged under in the undertow, but you can rise back up, breathe, and get back on top of your surf board, and surf.

When you don’t fight the waves, the currents, and go with the flow, it’s easier to breathe, see clearly, and accept the lightning, the dark clouds, the thunder bolts, and understand it’s just part of the process. The outcome is always in your view, you can navigate your surf board anyway you wish to move, you can move with ease when you let go of all attachment to the outcome of where the waves take you. The swells always allow you to see what’s coming, and it gives you the opportunity to be proactive, take the necessary steps to master the conditions.

Whenever you lose in life, the aftermath can become the most dangerous waves, this can be very serious, you can be headed into jagged rocks, the walls of the pier, and watercraft. When you face the most dangerous waves in life, you must embrace the ride, become one with it, merge with every heart-beat, every breath, every move, every turn, every twist, and learn to touch the edge of every avalanche that chases you on the ride. Pure faith comes from inside, believing in something higher than yourself, and believing with certainty you rise out of the shadow depths of the ocean untouched, unscarred, and unbeaten by the raging waters.

On sunny days, the surface is fantastic, the clarity, vision, and precision are met with perfection. Facing every fear inside liberates yourself. Being fearless gives you the upper edge to slide into victory, even if you’re pushing through your deepest darkest fears. Life is all about you facing the Maverick’s. Love thyself. If you hate yourself, hate every emotion, hate every feeling, hate your life, you will only find yourself drowning. At times only, another deep-sea diver will dive in and pull you back up to the surface to breathe. You might be struggling for air. You might be scared and panic. You might get lost in the past, the future, or present with negative thoughts and emotions.

You have full control over your thoughts and emotions. Staying in control is something to work on every day, the more you face every fear, there is nothing you can’t face in life.


About the author

Mattie M.

Mattie loves uplifting individuals in a more positive direction. She is a poet, short-story writer, and working on her first novel. Writing for a cause to pay for publishing and the editing of my novel on Depression and Anxiety.

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