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Emotional Copywriting1

by Hosea Sena 2 months ago in treatments
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Emotional Copywriting1

Emotional Copywriting1
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

1, there is a kind of people, every day are smiling, as if and who all get along, but never take the initiative to contact friends, temper is also surprisingly good as if nothing in the world can make them angry and sad. This kind of person is too lazy to curse, too lazy to share the mood, but also does not care to write pretentious words, you ask him what is wrong, he just smiles. Only in flipping through the book, but also wearing headphones, see the resonance of the place, to hold back a shiver in the heart.

2, people are selfish. The former girlfriend talked about a new object will be unhappy, friends have a new best friend will be unhappy, the family dog has a more sticky people will be unhappy, often go to the small store has more familiar customers will be unhappy, even people who have no relationship, suddenly stopped saying good night to you, will also be unhappy. People, all want to selfishly possess everything, but found that nothing belongs to them.

3, each time the reason for the collapse, in others, may seem trivial, only their hearts know this straw, in the end, crushed how many thousands of pounds of sadness

4, there are always people who like to imagine you, and later see your original face, and finally spit on you, saying, you turned out to be such a person. But you have never been a looker, obviously did nothing, but fell into infamy

5, "you are crying the saddest that night into an adult?" "No, it is the night that I held back from crying."

6、The snow that falls in a person's life, we can't see it all. Everyone is in their own life, alone through the winter. We can't help anyone. My small fire is a drop in the bucket for this man who has been poor and cold all his life. His cold is too huge.

7. Everyone has a fire in their heart, and those who pass by see only smoke. But there is always someone, there is always that one person who can see this fire, and then come along and stay with me. I walked up and down with my passion, my indifference, my rage, my gentleness, and my belief in love for no reason. I stammered and said to her: what's your name? From what's your name, later, there was everything.

8, always thought I was different from him, it turns out that when lonely, all people are the same.

9, always reminiscing about lost things, dreaming of the impossible, every day, how to be happy.

10、Some people live to 17 years old and forget what they looked like when they were 16 years old.

11, I've always been good at self-protection is once you notice the other party's cold attitude will consciously retreat, and never want to cover the relationship.

12, I am mean, not good at warm words of relief, inert communication, talking about it will be silent. The fact is that you will find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. The actual indifferent nature of the birth is not more than the next person.

13, after a certain hurdle, you will find, and then want to meet a person like a great, really too difficult.

14, one day, there will be a person, the day cool let you add clothes, the evening breeze does not forget to call you home, we do not know, the future of the time will be so long so that you forget me so that I suffer a lifetime.

15, you can listen to every funeral song, but I hope you look outside the sun, stars, moon, pedestrians, trees, flowers, marshmallows, raindrops animals, and see the world is also bright and crystal

16, I like once you, for the future of all the good reverie is limited to once you, and for the present you, I do not have any regret and eagerness, just think you are very much like a person I loved, ask the heart, probably this is the way

17, once a person has feelings, they are nesting to the point of no return, you said to toast to the past with a glass of wine, and then love and do not look back. The actual even if you are drunk to dusk alone sad, if that person reaches out his hand, you will still go with him.

18, I pretend to be in tune with the social group, just afraid that the nature of isolation exposed even if the surrounding boiling noise, I rarely have empathy, just pretend to put into it, and then habitually pull out, to an objective eye analysis and view.

19. "Why do you like to listen to pure music?" "Because there are no lyrics" "Why not listen to the lyrics" "Because the lyrics are written in the story of others."

20, "When is the loneliest" "The fireworks are set off by you, they are watching the fireworks, and no one thinks of you"

21, acting, win applause and color, but also to win his gorgeous life. Watching the show, spend a little money to buy someone else's gorgeous and bleak light, because things are busy, who does not put anyone in mind?

22. "You have to overcome laziness, you have to overcome idleness, you have to overcome long daydreams, you have to overcome the delusions of success overnight, you have to overcome the self-righteous shallow sense of humor. You have to grow independent in this world, not looking for not relying on others, because of the cold and indifferent people's lonely life. You have to be strong, uplifting, self-reliant, not weak, running away, afraid. Do not indulge in negative emotions, to positive sunshine to life, and love your people."

23. "I often want to apologize to you because I love you. My love is heavy, dirty, with many unpleasant things in it, such as sadness, sorrow, self-pity, and despair, and my heart is so weak. I am always defeated by these negative emotions myself as if I am sinking the more I struggle in a swamp. And I love you, just want to drag you in too, but hope you save me."

24. "Sooner or later people will find out that they love not the real him but the imaginary him, the real him is just a template for the dream man they have created, sooner or later they will find out the gap between the dream man and the template, adapt and go on without adapt and separate, you are different from most people in that you don't need a template" "But I fell in love with someone who doesn't exist, she's just a figment of my imagination, isn't that a sickness?" "No, it's not. You're lucky to live, whether he exists or not."

25, "What I like, is a normal person hiding in the soul of a psychopath, is a wise man in the brain of the existence of idiots, is a rose foot of dirt, is the moon on the dappled and laurel, is to tear themselves but can not help but love life, is seen by me that part of the naivety."

26, I am not sociable by nature. On most occasions, I either find the other person boring or fear that the other person will find me boring. But I am not willing to put up with each other's tedium, nor am I willing to go to the trouble of making myself look interesting, which is too tiring.

27, do not want to see the old people, one does not want. After all, those years scattered like a joke, adult shame like underwear, do not wait to see each other naked, who dare to take off to you see it. To say that we do not have the heart of the words is not too bullshit. Moreover, even after three or five years, but also painful, I long to hate the human heart is not as good as water, and so on the flat earth ripples ah. I can run horses in my chest, can walk the wind, even if I hide dirt all the ruin, but I just can not tolerate a return customer ah.

28, you are just an ordinary person, most of the people around you are also difficult. The night cries are okay, quietly climbing on the roof and quietly down is not without. You have to remember that others are as vulnerable as you are so that you do not begrudge the face and can always offer a comforting hug. You also have to remember that you and others as strong, did not trap others in the mire abyss also can not trap you.

29, listen to me, baby, the meaning of life, from small skirts, nail polish color, beautiful hair cards, sexy lingerie, cake, lipstick shoe bag, all kinds of junk food, from these above to find, the girl to be much happier. People can be poor, can be vulgar, but you fucking, have to slut to be happy ah.

30, dissect your motives a little deeper, and you will find that no one ever does anything entirely for others. All actions are self-centered, all services are self-interested, and all love is selfish.

31、When you are old and look back on your life, you will find that: when to study abroad, when to decide to do your first career, when to choose the object and fall in love, and when to get married, are the huge changes in fate. Just then standing at the three-way intersection, eyes see the storm clouds thousand boom, you choose that day, in the diary, rather dull and ordinary, at the time thought it was an ordinary day in the life.

32, it's like saying, read so many books why, read more think, worry more. This can not be said to be unreasonable, but I always feel this is not right until later read the French poet René Char. He said: "The more you understand, the more you suffer. The more you know, the more you are torn. But he has the clarity that is commensurate with the pain, and the toughness that is balanced with despair.

33, you have to remember those who silently hold you tight in the dark, make you laugh, chat with you all night long, take a car to visit you, take you wandering around and say miss, you people. These are the people who make up the warmth of your life, these are the warmth that keeps you away from the gloom these are the warmth that makes you a good person.

34、Our life is very short, we will eventually lose it, so might as well be bold. Love a person, climb a mountain, chase a dream, might as well be bold. Many things have no answer...

35, remembered some very good moments in life: seven or eight years old standing at the edge of the field to see the stars of fireflies flying by, after the school bell rang with good friends to go home, and you sitting together on the bench by the moonlight and talk eloquently. Although it sounds like an ordinary day, it is these good memories stored in my heart, time and again in the suffering to save me.

36、I hope that slowly I will be able to become, a less sensitive and less stubborn person, not so trivial not so easy to flow in a small sadness, not so easy to be moved by the details, maybe I will be happier than now, even if not every day happy, but also a little happier than a day

37, you should go like a lively, childish, elegant, smart, know how to be meticulous, meticulous, healthy, capable, hard-working, sunny, positive, studious, dumb, loyal, kind, strong, firm, decisive, brave, independent, united, polite, elegant, righteous, wise, generous, generous, tolerant, humble, cheerful, dedicated, optimistic, enthusiastic, grateful, filial, reasonable, understanding, such as me

38," the sadness of a child is the kind of hiding in the corner sulking stubbornly refused to bow down while crying while saying "It's okay, you go like other children bah I do not care about me in the future I will not give you trouble again," said after but also strain your ears to listen to the movement of the heart is very apprehensive and then continue to talk tough want to be hugged by the hair, kissed by the kisses, by the I want to be hugged and kissed and promised and then put to sleep together "

39, you ah must understand that this is the best age in your life, good health, family peace and stability in the world, do not always because of a little thing mood is a mess, some emotions are really unnecessary, purely mediocre anyway, we do not want to live from this world away, so the new year, smile, as long as you can not die, what is the big deal?

40、I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your achievements with others, but because I hope you will have the right to choose in the future, choose meaningful and time-consuming work, rather than being forced to earn a living.


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Hosea Sena

Maybe what I can give you is not the love you want, maybe you forgot that I had appeared in your memory, no matter what you are always a memory that can move me, be sure to treat yourself well.

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