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Duality: The Story of Gemini

by Ni about a year ago in humanity

If we’re going to allude to villains from Batman, we Geminis are more like The Joker.

Duality: The Story of Gemini
Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

Many people equate being a Gemini to being two-faced. That’s simply not true. If we’re going to allude to villains from Batman, we Geminis are more like The Joker.

Being “two-faced” is a slothful way of describing the duality that comes with the Gemini star sign. It is not that we have two sides, it is that we can exist as two things that seem to oppose each other. Much like a clown, a figure that is supposed to bring joy to people, who laughs with glee as he attempts to destroy a city.

We are not so much “this or that” as we are “this and that”--if we seem to contradict ourselves during a debate, it is only because we genuinely agree with both sides. When most people seem to think that sadness has to mean the absence of happiness, we might hold space for both.

I believe that you cannot simply take your sun sign into account when thinking about if you relate to astrology--you must understand your entire chart. However, I do believe that all of your placements are “filtered” through your sun sign. For example, while two people with Aries in Mars might both find themselves angering quickly, the Gemini will be quick to display their anger, while the Scorpio might take time to plot their revenge.

With that being said, I am definitely a true Gemini. I get bored easily and patience has always been a virtue that has seemed to escape me. At the same time, the career I have found myself in requires me to exercise patience everyday (although I will admit, there is rarely time to get bored). While I am an extrovert and tend to feel drained when I feel isolated, I wholeheartedly need my space. The thought of moving in with a romantic partner and having to share my bedroom indefinitely is immeasurably scary. The duality of being a Gemini means that I love to be around people, but I don’t necessarily like the thought of making new friends.

If everyone else exists as black or white, Gemini is the gray area. Or maybe the white dot inside the Yin (and, sometimes, the black dot inside the Yang). In fact, the Yin/Yang symbol might be the perfect representation if you are trying to visualize who a Gemini is. We are not “either/or” but both things, at the same time. The magic of the Gemini star sign exists in it’s duality. Being able to hold space for multiple things that seem to contradict each other gives way to a perspective in life that is truly unique, albeit misunderstood. Take into account the fact that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the quick-thinker and communicator of the zodiac, and you can see how the multiple viewpoints we may hold can be mistaken for fickleness. We don’t always carefully craft our thoughts, and a simple lack of the words “but, on the other hand” can give the impression we are changing what we just said. Geminis have definitely earned a reputation for changing our minds too frequently, inconsistency and, yes, being “Two-faced”--but that is simply not the whole story.

For all of the ways I might be misunderstood though, I would not give up the unique experience of being a member of Team Gemini. The world of duality that I exist in is far too interesting to want to give up. There are many upsides to being a Gemini, and the only downside as far as I can tell is being compared to Two Face when you should in fact be likened to The Joker.


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