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Discovering Your Inherent Self-Worth

A Journey of Love and Appreciation

By Maria Published about a month ago 3 min read
Discovering Your Inherent Self-Worth
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*** The story of the Unhappy Hippo***

"In the heart of the African savannah, Humphrey, an unusual hippopotamus, yearned to be a zebra, enchanted by their elegance. Determined to transform, he painted stripes on himself, but his joy was short-lived as the stripes melted away, leading to ridicule from other animals. Disheartened, Humphrey abandoned his dream. However, fate intervened when he met Henrietta, a female hippo, and found true happiness. Humphrey realized that embracing his true self brought more joy than trying to be someone else. With Henrietta, he lived contentedly as a hippo, understanding that self-acceptance was the greatest adventure."

*** *** ***

Have you ever looked at a tiny rose seed and thought, "Wow, you're not much now, but I see your potential"? That's exactly how we should treat ourselves. In 1974, Gallwey beautifully illustrated this concept with a rose seed. Just like that seed, we contain our whole potential at every moment, even if we're still growing.

But let's talk about something that's been on many minds lately: self-worth. It's like this invisible force that shapes how we see ourselves and our place in the world. Some call it the poison vibration, a feeling of total powerlessness and self-hate that's way too common. It's like a barrier blocking us from tapping into our true Source energy.

The truth is, most of us struggle with feeling like we're not enough. We're constantly chasing achievements, trying to prove our worth. But why? Why do we feel this need to be more than we already are?

It all boils down to one thought: "I am not enough." That thought, my friends, is the root of all self-worth issues. It's the reason behind the endless rat race for success and the source of so much stress in our lives.

Even those of us on a spiritual path can fall into this trap. We may be chasing enlightenment, but deep down, we're still trying to prove our worth. But here's the thing: you are already enough, just as you are.

So how do we find this elusive self-worth? It's a journey, my friends, and it starts with asking yourself: "How am I enough?" Instead of focusing on what we lack, we need to appreciate ourselves for who we are.

But it's not just about thoughts; it's about actions too. We can't expect to love ourselves if we're constantly neglecting our well-being. Self-love means taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And let's talk about productivity. Sure, being productive can feel good, but if our self-worth depends on it, we'll never feel truly valued. We need to let go of the idea that our worth is tied to our achievements.

Next, we need to examine our beliefs about worth. Are they limiting us, or are they empowering us? If they're holding us back, we need to replace them with new, positive beliefs.

But it's not just about changing our thoughts; it's about changing our habits too. We need to stop engaging in negative behaviors that diminish our self-worth. Instead, we need to focus on what uplifts us and brings us joy.

Affirmations can be powerful tools on this journey, but we need to choose ones that resonate with us. Starting with small, believable affirmations can help us gradually build up to ones like "I love myself."

And finally, we need to remember that our worth is inherent. We are born with worth, and nothing can take that away from us. We don't need to justify our existence to anyone. We are enough, exactly as we are.

So let's embrace our inherent self-worth and let our light shine brightly for the world to see. We are enough, my friends, and we always will be.


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