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Desert Sorcerous

The Asteroid People

By Ocusan MPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

The desert home was off the beaten road. She bought it finding a hidden portal in the garden. The previous owner sold it on a whim without a description of what it was entirely. Using the garden key she was able to activate it. She couldn’t wait to see what was on the other side. Stepping through she found herself in the desert. The sand was pink as the distant mountains were unfamiliar. A lone teepee was there with smoke puffs steaming from the top. Stepping closer she weaved her way around giant cactuses as wisps of clouds seemed to watch above. She wasn’t American Indian, although her great ancestors were. She wore the moccasins she inherited with the deerskin sinewed beadwork. The moccasin slippers made her confident enough to open the teepee door. To her discovery she found a elderly Indian man sitting at a fire. He was dressed as a Indian chief wearing a silver headdress with a water buffalo skin tunic and many turquoise beads. He looked up from the fire when the woman opened the flap. I’ve been waiting for you. He spoke. You came from the circle. Yes, I bought the house and found..You found a great gift made by the Ancestors. He motioned her to sit by the fire. I will tell you a story of how it came to be. He took a puff of his peace pipe and began. Before there were modern man made houses, this land was filled with buffalo that roamed the land that were hunted by settlers. The natives wanted to protect them, and thought of a way by building a giant circle barrier to hide them in. After herding them through they lasted many years until the water became dry as their wasn’t any rain. I am the last survivor who guards this world, as I can’t adapt to the environment of modern man’s world outside the circle. He spoke as if he were in a trance. She asked, How do you keep your substance? Food, water & companionship? He gazed up at the sky through the hole of the smoky teepee top. His eyes heavy The great Spirit brings me the drums of food & water brought by the ancestors living on the asteroid, miles long in space lasting many full moons. The smoke made her eyes water, as he offered her a drink of water. Accepting his offer, it tasted of iron. It is pure water given by the asteroid people. Her eyes grew heavy as she consumed. Tell me about them. Outside the sun was setting, a full moon rising. A drumming began as he told. They land their great bird in desert. A long cylinder shape with many oval windows. They told me it was made from the floating rock in space, the same mineral of what their bodies became part of. They are not entirely human but part machine. The old man stood up and went outside. The woman followed. The night air sounded like a howling wolf. Where do the asteroid people come from? She gathered her shawl to shield the night air. They live on a floating island, up among the heavens. He pointed to the stars. I can take you there if your physical body can endure such a journey. She wondered why she trusted this stranger, feeling like she was in a surreal painting. Yes, she wanted to see this vision. A vision quest that became a journey of her soul. It’s no mistake that you were chosen for the circle. The great spirit is all around you. He took her hand and stepped up into the midst of stairs climbing higher and higher until they were looking down upon the teepee. The sky darkened with a new array of stars. They stood on a iron surface, the asteroid island, a iron curtain in space. She had never known it existed. It was misty on the surface where a mysterious fog vapor surrounded a large monolith that held a woman’s face. Her face was covered with frozen ice as her body was part of the structure that she seemed trapped in. The woman ran her fingers on the smooth surface of the face feeling pity. Who is she? The Indians head dress had changed, turning to a large bubble that looked like a Astro helmet as her voice sounded in slow motion. He could only say that she was a guardian put their by the ancestors. Such a odd thing to do, she stretched her arms around the icy sculpture, hugging her form out of compassion. It was too dark of a place to be trapped in. The air swirling of tiny bits of mica, glittering sand that moaned of loneliness. The face in the rock changed expressions. Pleading eyes of a haunted pieta. You can not free her! She is part of the asteroid world! The astral walking chief said as more asteroid beings approached. With sheer garments blowing in the magnetic wind, moving closer, frightening the woman. She turned to face her spirit guide who she now saw as a Shaman. He answered, You are now a Sorceress, I must obey. He stepped off the iron island, leading her down through the sky & back home.


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Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style & enjoy collage art

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  • Donna Foxabout a month ago

    Great story! I struggled with the structure of it (one single paragraph), but other than that it was a great read!

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