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by Gracie Crusinberry 2 years ago in humanity

This is my story

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Hi I'm Grace, but I go by Gracie. My life is great but is it really? I have the perfect boyfriend; a great house; amazing brothers; parents that took care of me when I was adopted. What could be wrong you ask? Well thats the thing. My life was perfect growing up but complicated. Why do you ask? You see I was born with scolisos and neurofibromatosis as a kid; so with that I had to get two main back surgeries and one neck surgery as a kid. In school I had to get a lot of accommodations too because of my disability; for gym I had to have someone hold my hands on the beam; classes I had to get my homework accomdated because, I could barely understand it; I had a speech teacher because, I could barely read properly. Basically I was in special education throughout my whole life. Seventh grade came for me... Okay you may ask what about it right? Well..

Seventh grade was super hard on me because, I was bullied a lot constantly everyday. This would happen before school; after school; during class; free period; before lunch; during lunch; after lunch; by my locker. I didn't really understand why I was bullied. I still don't know why I was bullied. that was the beginning of seveth grade, until in 2011 my grandma died of leukemia. What about my grandpa you ask. Well he died before I was born.

My bullying would continue in High school as well, same people that bullied me and same thing everyday before school and etc. This really took a big toll on me during 7th grade until high school. When I got bullied everyday it made me sad and depressed which I've never experienced before. This would eventually turn into depression and suicide thoughts everyday. I basically didn't wanna live anymore, everyday I would act like I'm fine but deep down inside I was hurt and sad and angry. Angry at the people who bullied me, wanting to know why they bullied me. Like what was the reason.

In school before I graduated I basically said I'm gonna cut myself or that I'm gonna kill myself or that I'm gonna hang myself; because, there was NO point of living. I wanted to get out of the world thinking if I die, I wouldn't be hurt or in pain anymore.

Now that I have an amazing boyfriend, there are days when I'm sad and depressed but he keeps me going and he makes me feel really special and happy.


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