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Control anger or suffer repercussions

What anger can cause

By Mr.KhanPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Anger is a common word we all use in our daily life and not only the word but many of us might have this ugly habit of getting angry or even bursting with rage.

The problem is not the anger but not knowing where to be angry and where not to be. As many of us might know some people who get furious without a significant issue i.e. they do not need some vivid reason to be angry.

Anyways, whatever the kind of anger is, one thing is certain, this kind of emotion when used unneeded brings nasty consequences.

Now, there are many downsides to it, like losing one’s consciousness or soundness also causing damage to someone or someone’s property, etc.

As we do use another substitute or getting angry which is getting made so using anger and madness interchangeably also clears it that anger can get someone to madness.

There is another pitfall of this emotion that whenever someone loses his/her mind or incurs wrath, the body releases some hormones in the bloodstream as a reaction also known as the body’s “fight-or-flight” response, due to these different other body functions are slowed are reduced, the body gets ready to burn fuel and sensitivity to inflammation is reduced to manage and handle the upcoming situation.

More specifically, the adrenal gland starts to rush the body with adrenaline and cortisol and guess what, these two hormones are also known as stress hormones.

Research tells that stress hormones are potent suppressors of androgens, estrogens, and some other needed hormones, thus resulting in declining their levels in the body. The outcomes of this endocrine disruption can lead to various malfunctioning of the body both in men and women.

Although, for a short period during the body’s “fight-or-flight” action hormone levels rise suddenly e.g. testosterone, etc (like in an athletic activity) but this is due to fast heartbeat and rushing blood, however, long-time exposure to these hormones can cause suppression. Moreover, such long exposure to these stress hormones also affects another hormone that is known to be released for happiness or joy called “Dopamine”.

Such radical effects of anger on the endocrine system can cause psychological, sensual, and various other significant breakdowns within the body.

There are numerous significant health issues caused due to such anger or chronic stress, for instance, psychological complications include anxiety, depression, lethargy, nausea, and sometimes patients start to imagine diseases.

Behavioral problems may include mood swings, emotional sensitivity, reduced thinking abilities, etc.

Physical body illnesses comprise, headaches, muscle pain, body pains, high blood pressure, stomach problems, and most important of all heart diseases, and can even get a stroke.

Apart from these bodily and health-related predicaments, there is another notable drawback of anger which is reduced thinking ability or consciousness. Many times when people get angry they precipitate some kind of damage to others or some property and many times the damage is difficult or impossible to indemnify thus only leaving feelings of regret and dismay.

To cope with stress is to cope with the anger and to tackle the anger one needs to work on it, which means that, although there are many therapies or methods clinical, psychological or general, etc being taught through various platforms. But the best solution to cope with this situation lies within one’s very own self. As someone who can find or knows such circumstances or reasons leading toward furious behavior is the one him or herself.

One must try to figure out those grounds or basis which are the main felonies. An easy way to achieve this is by taking out some time to stay relaxed and calm and then try to remember the moments when he went furious and thus can easily understand the logic behind them.

Once figured out, he just needs to overcome those weaknesses or simply avoid such conditions leading to confrontations.


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