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Confessions of the Mad Installment Six

by DMTakeshi 2 months ago in humanity

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27 September 2021

My son stopped by after school to say hi. It was really good to see him. I am happy he hasn't pushed me away forever. He stopped by all on his own, unprompted. I honestly was surprised considering our last interaction wasn't so great. I hope he continues to see me. He seemed in good spirits and quite sweet. I love and miss him so much.

I know he won't live with me again, but I want a good relationship with him. It's hard when kids push you away to build that relationship back up. I will never stop trying though.

I made an appointment with my PCP so I can quit smoking again. I used Chantix before and had great results. I will try as many times as it takes. I will do anything to finally be free of this addiction.

Until tomorrow friends!

28 September 2021

My neighbor is something else I tell you. She really needs to mind her business. She told another neighbor today how he should park his car. He just said, "Why does it matter to you. She knows she's a Karen because as she put it, "I be Karen too much."

She then went on to tell me how she was almost kicked out of the HOA meeting because she went over her allotted time as she was naming off everything that was going on in the building. They were annoyed and asked, "Can somebody remove her?" I cannot imagine what it was like in there.

She talked to me for about an hour about her kids, my kids and an array of other topics. She brought up my son and said she felt bad that he has a hard time fitting in (which isn't really true). She made sure she was using the correct pronoun. My son is transgender and does face some challenges that go along with that, but he has some really close friends.

I don't know where I'm going with this because I am tired. I had a really good day with my best friend and finished the day cleaning. All in all, I am doing better and better each day.

Thanks for reading friends!

29 September 2021

I woke up this morning to a message on my phone that I received $32,000 in back child support. My son's birth father did what he said he was going to. I am surprised. This will help out so much with our business. We can finally afford to pay rent. We will be able to breathe for a little while.

I asked my sister in Michigan to help me with my social media, because honestly it has become overwhelming. I just need a mental health break. She said she would. I am so grateful for the loving people in my life.

Let see what tomorrow brings.

30 September 2021

My husband and I were surprised by our son and his friend stopping by during his lunch. We talked for a moment, and it was nice. He and my husband even said hi to each other, which is progress right there.

While he was here, I had to call to reschedule an appointment so I could get my registration for my car. I am such a procrastinator because today was my last day I could do it. While I was on the phone, my son vaped right in front of me.

I found it so disrespectful, but I stayed calm. I gave him a quick mom speech about it, and he agreed not to do it in the house anymore. I wish he would quit, but I cannot make him. Curse the people giving children vape pens.

Apparently, my son and his friend stopped by our house again after school while we were still at the DMV. We don't allow friends over while we are not home. My husband came home to our daughter and son shirtless and wrestling each other. My son was also vaping in the house again.

My husband told him it wasn't allowed, and our son grabbed his backpack and took off to his friend's house. Shortly after he called my husband and started cursing him out, calling him a cocksucker and other horrible names. He needs to learn that he can't just go cussing people out or tell people off every time he gets angry. We have feelings too.

He was also ditching all day at school come to find out. It was cool that he came to see us, but I have a hard time figuring out why he wants to come over. I am just confused, because he will be so sweet one minute, and then hate us the next.

Until tomorrow friends.

1 October 2021

My mother-in-law picked up my son and daughter today. I hope my son doesn't give her a hard time. After yesterday, I'm worried.

I have not been on social media for three days and it feels good. I am trying to focus on myself for now. I think we all need mental health breaks.

I still haven't received my prescriptions for the Chantix. I will have to call my doctor to see what is going on with that. I really want to quit smoking.

I have a lot of catching up to do on my chores, I am severely behind. I just started to make lists again so I can be more organized and remember what needs to be done in my days. Lists have always help me.

Thanks again friends!

2 October 2021

We haven't heard anything from my mother-in-law so that should be good news, right?! Hopefully they are all having a good time together.

My husband and I are looking into buying a house. I cannot wait to see what happens. We would have to move again, and I don't want to break my daughter's heart, but this could be a really good opportunity for us. I don't know what the future brings, we will see.

My husband and I want to start another business. We want to clean air ducts. There is good money in that, and we can take the business anywhere. We might have to sell the cleaning business in order to do so.

Until tomorrow friends!

3 October 2021

I went to my best friend's house to dance this morning. We had a good talk about our goals and it inspired me.

It was my mom's birthday, so we went to the mall. I got my mom some chocolate covered strawberries and apples. I picked out some cute makeup for myself.

Afterwards my mother-in-law came over to drop off my daughter. She informed us that our son was very well behaved this weekend. I was so happy to hear that he was in a good mood.

She also said that she wanted to help us with starting a new business or finding a new place to live. My husband and I have been talking about Michigan. How nice it would be to not have a house payment. That's the dream.

We haven't made any final decisions and we would need to sell our business before we can even start looking. But we are trying for sooner rather than later. House prices are going up.

My mom might be interested in it (I don't know). She asked me to get a price on how much it's worth. Maybe it will be sooner. We will have to wait and see.

Tomorrow starts Installment Seven. Thanks for reading friends!

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DMTakeshi has zero credentials and these poems have a high probability that they are the ramblings of a person with a serious mental illness. Enjoy!

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