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coffee, red meat or sex can be the causes of depression

by Maria Ostasevici 15 days ago in depression

all you need to know about the disease of the 21st century

Depression, the disease of the 21st century. It does not show clear symptoms at first and leads to suicide if left untreated.

Depression is the disease that grinds us in silence. It necessarily requires treatment and cannot be healed by the power of the will alone. In recent years, the disease has grown, and due to fairly discreet symptoms is not diagnosed in time. Untreated, it deepens and leads to patient isolation and even suicide.

Depression is one of the most common diseases in the world. According to the World Health Organization, 350 million people suffer from depression. Basically, 15% of us have this disease, even though many of us do not know it. Depression is a disease that can clearly lead to suicide. Statistics show that out of a million people who commit suicide in a year, about 40% suffered from depression. The disease severely affects young people who are more likely to give in to problems, but also women (statistics show that depression affects twice as many women as men.

Depression can occur as a result of an imbalance in the brain, it can have genetic causes or it can occur as a result of a shock, a family tragedy or an exaggerated reaction of people to certain problems. Stress, financial problems or even health problems can lead to depression. Lately, young people seem to be more and more affected

"Depression can be called the disease of the 21st century. It must be treated with medication, just as we treat any serious illness. In its milder forms, the advice of a psychologist may be enough, but it is proven that depression that persists over the years needs drug treatment. The disease can affect anyone, regardless of whether you are rich or poor, young or old. What is worrying is that more and more young people are depressed. They have big ambitions, they want a lot and fast, and if they do not get the desired result then the disappointment is huge. Depression comes as a result of frustration and problems. Not all people react the same way in the face of obstacles. I give the example of the financial problems that many people face. Some people take them as they come, they fight, they save, they manage to get over them. Others emphasize the problem, practically exaggerate its consequences and then they seem to find no solution ", says Victor Petrescu, psychiatrist.

Beware of its symptoms Depression has quite subtle symptoms and is therefore often ignored. Excessive sadness, however, is the first sign of alarm. If a person is sad every day for several weeks or a month, isolates himself or no longer talks to friends, then depression should not be neglected. Over time, the person affected by the disease no longer finds pleasure in anything at all, does not do any of the activities he did before, cries for no reason or is tired non-stop. Depression also gives physical symptoms, from headaches and dizziness, to severe fatigue and metabolic disorders (weight loss for no reason). "Depression greatly exacerbates guilt. We often wonder when we hear that a rich person with a family has committed suicide and we wonder why he had them all? Here is the problem. That man felt extremely guilty that even though he had everything he needed, he was not happy. He clearly had signs of depression that he did not treat. People who suffer from depression always have a state of accentuated sadness, they are lethargic, they practically do not feel like doing anything. They isolate themselves from the rest of the world and always stay at home. If you have relatives or friends who notice these symptoms and a changed behavior, it is good to help them, to convince them to go to the doctor ", explains Victor Petrescu, psychiatrist.

Young people are more prone to depression Adolescents are more prone to depression because they are not fully mature and their small problems seem catastrophic. "If you have teenage children who suddenly don't go out with friends, they just sit at home at the computer, they don't communicate with you and they always have a mine of sadness, they have to be checked. We don't have to blame this kind of behavior on teenage whims. These young people have not fully matured and tend to make real tragedies out of minor problems. Most often they are affected by age-related disappointments in love, but also by failures at school or exams. Treatment is very important because, contrary to expectations, patients with mild and not severe depression end up committing suicide. This is because their symptoms are not noticed by those around them and they do not receive help ",

How to get rid of depression Depression must be treated because it is a disease that we can not get rid of just by will, just because we need it. "The patient must go to the doctor who will make a complete evaluation. If the depression is mild, you may only need psychological counseling sessions. But if the depression is already severe, drug treatment with antidepressants is needed. These are long-term, and their effects are proven. It acts directly on the brain and slowly removes the sadness. However, the treatment is not enough. It is necessary for the patient to change his way of life, to go for a walk and to occupy his time with all kinds of activities, to avoid loneliness and to be always around other people ".

Don't ignore the symptoms Experts say that ignoring the symptoms and following the idea of ​​"Let me pass" does not work. "It is very important for people to put shame aside and come to the doctor. Depression is as serious a disease as cancer and can certainly lead to death by suicide. Most untreated depressed patients have suicidal thoughts, and a quarter of them do. That is why family and friends are a very important factor. They should intervene when they notice the first symptoms, because often the patient is not aware that he needs help. But the treatment is effective and the disease can be defeated ", says the psychiatrist Victor Petrescu.

Causes of depression

Giving up red meat can be one of the reasons that can affect people's mood due to lack of iron in the body. This element is known for its importance in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood, which helps oxygenate all major organs. "Lack of iron can lead to fatigue and lethargy, which can affect social life," says Alana MacDonald, a dietitian by profession.

Falling asleep in front of light emitted by television or other electronic devices, such as the computer, is another cause of depression. This is due to the fact that the human being is programmed to sleep in the dark, and any light source can disturb sleep hormones, leading to a state of continuous drowsiness and fatigue. This condition influences the effect of the prefrontal cortex and accentuates the activity of the centers responsible for emotions. Thus, people who sleep with the light emitted by the television are more prone to emotions such as anger, aggression and sadness.

A night of passion can also cause symptoms of depression. A study of a sample of 200 women in Australia showed that a third of them showed signs of sadness after having sex. This phenomenon is explained by specialists by the fact that the region of the brain responsible for emotions, the amygdala, is less active during orgasm, compensating strongly after it and causing emotions of sadness.

Hunchback is another stimulus for depression in humans, scientists say. A study by the University of San Francisco, on a sample of 110 students, showed that those who walked briskly had a lower energy level and felt more depressed than those who had a correct posture.

One in three adults suffering from arthritis also suffers from depression and anxiety, according to a study by the Center for Disease Prevention in Atlanta, USA. Scientists say inflammatory molecules, specific to rheumatoid arthritis, can cause congestion in the central nervous system.

Some pills for the treatment of heart disease or certain types of painkillers are considered by some experts in the field, responsible for the onset of depression, as a side effect. "These substances reduce the activity of adrenaline in the brain, which normally deals with stimulating people. An excellent remedy would be to play sports, "said Donald Singer, a member of the British Pharmacological Society.

A simple cold can be the cause of depression, due to the fact that the level of serotonin decreases. Thus, people become sad, and the body announces the need for a recovery break. "In order to recover from an infection, it is necessary to rest for the body's recovery process. If the brain produces less serotonin, we feel less able to do something and are forced to slow down, 'says Nick Read, a gastroenterologist.

Lack of fiber increases the chances of depression. Nutritionists say that bananas contain a high level of fiber and are an excellent snack for inducing well-being.

Caffeine addiction is also on the list of things that cause depression. The lack of a coffee or a cup of tea can cause impatience and nervousness, says Alana MacDonald. Also, tea and coffee contain phenolic components, which do not allow the absorption of iron, a deficiency that causes lethargy. A wandering mind, unable to concentrate can trigger manifestations of depression. A study of a sample of 5,000 people found that 47% of them thought about past moments or worries. "People are happier when they are caught up in an activity that absorbs their full attention. It should be a stimulating activity that keeps the person focused, but without reaching moments of frustration, "said Daniel Freeman, a professor of clinical psychology at Oxford University and author of" You Can Be Happy. "

Another reason for the onset of depression is hormonal disorders. One of these is the slow activity of the thyroid gland, which affects between 3 and 10% of women over 40 years. Menopause is another trigger for depression, due to significant hormonal changes that occur in a woman's body, when estrogen production fades. Low testosterone levels can cause depression in men.

Stinginess is also on the list of causes of the disease of the 21st century. An experiment in 2008 showed that people who are willing to spend money on other people are happier than those who spend money on themselves.


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