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Can Mitragyna Kratom Treat Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

The promising results of this natural herb kratom is getting much craze with addicted to opiates in US

By Jennifer KurtzPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa is a unique specie that grows in the northern parts of Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. Kratom has been in use since a very long time dating back to the nineteenth century.

The popularity of Kratom arose from its powers of healing and curing. It is also indicated to help in relieving pain and giving a soothing effect to the body.

Kratom, in the form of raw leaves, capsules and powder is taken for its effects on the body including energizing effects, relaxing effects, happy effects, sedative effects and many more. It is also reviewed that Kratom, in the form of tea might be the next big thing to replace coffee in the near future, since it has similar effects to coffee.

Whereas there are mixed reviews about the different strains of Kratom and its effects, some of the people believe that Kratom has genuinely helped them combat symptoms of opioid withdrawals.

Everyone is aware of the fact that trying to come clean out of drugs is not everyone’s cup of tea and not all of them behave in the same way to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. But with the consumption of the correct dosage of Kratom, the process might become relatively easy and bearable.

In many places around the world, Kratom use is promoted as it is believed that it helps in overcoming the withdrawal symptoms from opioid medicines but researchers warn that overdose might lead to more harm than benefit.

Excess of everything becomes bad after a point and the same goes for Kratom usage as well. Intake of large amounts of Kratom can be extremely harmful for long term health affecting vital organs like lungs, heart and kidneys.

The chemical component mitragynine in Kratom, binds to the mu- and kappa-opioid receptors to alleviate the pain. This not only relieves the person from the pain but the sedative effect creates a numbness in body and it is completely normal to feel dizzy or nothing at all for the time because the sedative effect acts as morphine in the body. It also provides feelings of pleasure and decreased pain.

Mirtragynine can also interact with other receptor systems in the brain to produce stimulant effects. Bali Red Kratom has been chosen for the best reliever of pain and highly recommended by frequent Kratom users.

A 43-year old male was admitted into the hospital after reportedly tonic-clonic seizures. He started injecting himself with 10mg hydromorphone per day and when it wasn’t available, he would consume Kratom tea around four five times a day.

The patient confirmed that not only did it help with vanishing the pain, but also improved his alertness right after. His wife confirmed that he had spent $15,000 on Kratom in a year.

Even though the results associated with Kratom seem promising, it has not been approved by the FDA in the United States. A number of trials and researches have been conducted on Kratom to find evidences if it can actually level up to the results expressed by the users, but there has not been any positive responses regarding it.

This means that Kratom cannot be easily sold in every pharmacy on the block and can only be bought from private vendors.

It was estimated that there are about 40 million purchasers of Kratom only in the United States. These purchases were made all online as there is a huge Kratom market which retails different veins and strains of Kratom in multiple forms importing them from different countries. This still does not confirm about the authenticity of the products sold online.


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