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Beating Addiction

by Paul Crozb 2 years ago in addiction
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The Road To Happiness

After Addiction Road to Happiness

First off everyone is addicted to something or you wouldn't be alive. Weather you addicted to steal, drugs, gambling, women, this part is unimportant. All addiction is, is our routines negatively influenced by the people around us.

The first thing you have to do is without any influence. Consciously decide you don’t want anything to do with this life. And when this starts to happen you will start looking at you different. Ignore them they are the weak structure built on negativity and jealousy. Gossip is a great way to get people talking and is a very important role in all this. Why you say? Because you want all the former associates of yours talking behind your back negative about you doing a positive thing. Let me break down my way of thinking for you. This is important because the gossip has always been negative with negative actions. When someone is getting talked about in a bad way for doing good this starts the worlds gears turning you into a different path. Now there will be relapses or even still doing it at this point but it is important that this first step be in place when step two starts.

Now after a week or two everyone's different so go at your own pase. Once people start making jokes to you, I thought you were quitting. Joke back your I'm not a quitter. You need to keep up as much laughter as possible. This brings your true self closer to you. After a few laughs maybe a few days you have to had come up with a place that you are going to go. Say you live in Vermont tell everyone your moving to Cali. Or wherever you are going just an example. You have to be serious when you say this because this is when the clock starts.

From that day on people are going to start asking you so when you leaving. Beforehand come up with a solid plan and if everything doesn’t work out make sure that no matter what you have a way to leave town. Even if it’s a one-way ticket to Vegas this worked for me but wouldn’t suggest that town for quitting for most. But a stepping stone if need be. FYI you can feel the evilness in the air as soon as you get off the plane. Wherever you end up the first person or two you meet will feel like you have known them forever and that you are weirdly attracted almost in a loving way. Weird right, no this is your inner addict trying to trick you back into old ways in a new city. Friends need to be people that don’t make you feel comfortable, at least for the time being. You will come to realization that this new feeling is almost a high. You think a little more. Been years since I been this sober. I really loving this. Now when you reach this point run just kidding. That’s when you find people that you are comfortable to be around. These new people are the seed to unlimited happiness. This is your happiness not there's. They will help you grow and flourish into this new anomaly.

Now this is where your first test will happen or around this time. Everything is going well you feel better than you ever have in your life and your conciseness is influence free it's almost like being 13 again. You know things but everything feels new again. You will be tempted. It could be money drugs women. Whatever rocks your boat because this offer will feel like the best thing that ever happened to you. Like when you were a kid and you were going somewhere extra special in your heart. And you stay up all night and are so tired the next day you sleep most of the fun away. This is the same thing just as an adult with no influence or people telling them what they supposed to. So, this is the final test to see if you are ready if you fail you must start back over at step two. Most won't get on first try so start in two cites on opposite sides of a Metropolitain area. Spending money to move is hard and expensive if you not a harder worker with good personality.

So, if you didn’t fail the last test you truly want to quit and should continue to be conscious with your positive non influence new life of self-love independence and happiness when you find what your passionate about. What makes life better as time goes on is that your soul draws more near to your reality and the more this happens the more you will flourish with happiness.


About the author

Paul Crozb

Creative Writer Without Any Readers. My mind is all over and could have endless stories but no one to read it. so who writes when no one reads it. Well giving a push at a story a day and hoping to find some audience thanks for reading.

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