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Be Jealous or Something GREATER!!!

by Tii Danjel 5 months ago in advice
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“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” - Lao Tzu.

Photo courtesy of author, Tii Danjel.

I have never understood those that love to waddle in someone else’s misery. I could not relate to those that saw someone else’s success as their failure. What I saw someone else accomplishing, I envisioned me being greater.

The mind is quite powerful. Mind over matter is an understatement. I live by the old saying, “You hang yourself by the tongue.” Which simply means what you say will be. So, I have adopted a child-like manner of thinking well into my adulthood. I believe I can do anything. Sounds so cliché but…. it is saying a whole lot.

Our early childhood exposure to life’s morals and values is crucial from birth to 5 years of age. Who you are as an adult is darn near set as a foundation during the first five years of life? It matters what anyone says, does, or models for you. Little embedded imprints of behavior, good or bad, nestles into the thick layers of the hippocampus. Lying dormant for a significant amount of time just until something triggers it to show its face.

Now to deal with this, you must admit, it is true. You must admit that your childhood was not perfect and forgive your parents for not having the Parenting Book from God at their fingertips so that they could rear you a perfect specimen to model for man. No one wants to say, “Yeah, dad fucked up there when he beat me with a belt every day.” Even in abuse, Mother is God in the eyes of a child. You cannot admit it because admitting somethings wrong, means admitting something is wrong with you, your family, YOUR LIFE.

Well guess what, in my glorious forties, I have come to a solid conclusion; WE ARE ALL FUCKED UP SOME HOW. And it is ok. No one in this world is perfect. No one is infallible because no man is a deity. So, we are all the same, just in different skin, but the same. Who are we to judge others and condemn those that do not think the way we do or live the way we do? At the end of the day, we all have “sins” to account for in one way or the other.

Why not start using YOUR energy to BETTER yourself rather than TEAR someone else down. Use your infinite wisdom to become greater than what you see. Why use your energy to tear down someone else’s life? Words are powerful. Be careful what you say and believe in what goes around, comes around. I believe in Karma, and she is not the most pleasant chick to deal with.

Jealously is one the oldest motivations of evil acts that get people severely hurt, emotionally scarred, and sometimes can be fatal. It is a sickened emotion that goes from 0 to 100 if you cannot manage your social emotional intelligence. You can easily end up committing unthinkable acts. But we all know this right, but we still do it. I was bullied for years by someone who saw me for more than I saw myself. For some odd reason, she saw me as a Rockstar and hated me. I saw myself as this nerdy kid that no one should want to be like.

A girlfriend once said to me, “People are sometimes jealous of who you are, not what you have. Your cultivation of relationship with others. If you do not show them what they feel is the equivalent, then they in return become jealous of your spiritual connection with others.” Sounds creepy and unbelievable. WRONG!! It is true.

I had to evaluate some personal relationships in my life. Some were years long; others barely touched the two-year mark. I had to preserve my own mental sanity and create a Tii Danjel Alumni group. I am not afraid to protect my space so that I can continue to grow. I have no qualms about graduating you to my alumni group. I cannot stunt my growth by holding on to dead roots. I am unapologetic about how I cut weeds out of my life. No one loves me more than me.

I know who I am, who I am not, and I don’t regret what I have become. I am not perfect. I am not malicious, nor do I wish bad on anyone. At least, I try my best. I dream big. I step out and try new things. I own my failures as well as my successes. I have no regrets. All because I choose not to be jealous, but to be something GREATER.


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Tii Danjel

Be jealous or be something GREATER!!!! I love to write about life, fantasy, current events, legacy, and change all with a twist of Chi. It's quite therapeutic.

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