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Avoid These 4 Things For Happier Life

by Michael V 2 months ago in depression
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Is "happiness" an easy thing?

Avoid These 4 Things For Happier Life
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I once thought that I would never experience true happiness. I felt alone. I was perplexed. I was also feeling overpowered. Fortunately, as I peered inside, things started to change. I came to understand that I was the cause of my pain. I also discovered what was keeping me from appreciating life.

Here are four of the discoveries I made:

1. Saying no to the present moment

The more I try to escape the present, the more miserable I am. When I remain in this very moment, the most ordinary things start to seem spectacular. I feel alive when I water the plants.

However, if I try to exchange the here and now for a better time in the future, I'll only find myself in agony now. For me, being present means just taking note of what is going on at the time.

2. Ignoring yourself and your needs

I was ignoring what was best for me, which was one of the biggest problems. I searched the area for solutions. I looked to society and my friends for advice on how to live my life. I gave up my authority thinking that would take care of everything because it was too bad to find out what I needed.

It was a failure. I came to realize that nobody genuinely knows how to lead a happy life. Even while some seem to be assured, they are not. Even the happiest people experience challenging times. As I started to become aware of what I was motivated to accomplish and what felt good for me, things started to change. It took place gradually. At first, I wasn't sure, but I soon learned to pay attention to what my heart was telling me.

3. The fear of making mistakes

If I'm afraid of making mistakes, I guess I have something to lose. I also think there is a perfect way to do everything. I'm not aware of any of this, though. Making mistakes might not necessarily help me get better (which it often does). And I'm not sure if failing is the best course of action for me.

After all, we are purely mental beings. We construct a reality, which we then take to be true, even though it isn't. In a century, my errors will be forgotten. How much I appreciated and loved life will be remembered.

I'm merely a mortal. You're a person. We all commit mistakes. As long as we are honest with ourselves, that is acceptable.

4. Seeking happiness

I have a poor habit of looking for happiness. But it seems to me that I'm trying to suppress my emotions. I'm sad because I'm unhappy. I long for and imagine a beautiful future for myself.

I urgently require it. I could be content if I had it, I told myself. But it's that way of thinking that has me entangled. My pursuit of happiness pulls me away from the present.

I am aware of what is in front of me when I release the impulse to go somewhere else. Even what I think I want is a distinct idea from what I actually desire, which isn't usually the case. Every concept that cries out, "I need something more," offers room for development. Every notion that suggests I require something else gives me the chance to remain in the present.

“Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.”

I've learnt a lot in my life, but the most significant is that we take ourselves and our opinions way too seriously. Life is often taken too seriously by us.

I feel if I make a mistake, my dreams would be crushed. But when I understand the underlying presumptions of that statement and know that my fantasies are a creation of my mind, I feel liberated.

Simply listening to my inner self is all that is required of me. I can only accomplish what motivates me; the rest will be handled by life.


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Michael V

Hi! I am a university student with high interest to share valuable content and lesson I got especially self-improvement topic.

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