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Are there social truths that ordinary people will never see?

by Derasom 2 months ago in advice
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How do we become rational people

1. The interests of the upper classes come with their own sickles, and the ideas of the lower classes come with their own shields. The endless stream of interests at the top comes from the belief that the bottom is indestructible. The more people who want to pierce this truth, the easier it is to become a victim of the times.

2. The human nature is completely spread out, and both men and women are realistic. If being young and beautiful is a woman's lifelong pursuit, then power is the ultimate goal of a man.

3. Children only talk about right and wrong, adults only talk about interests. It’s okay, but it’s not okay. If you think about it again, you don’t have to think about it. If you don’t have a bargaining chip, no one will take your words seriously, and they won’t take you seriously.

4. People who can hypnotize themselves are the happiest: men want to get rich overnight, women want to be loved by thousands, I hope all this can be achieved without effort and without self-change.

5. When there is no internal conflict, the enemy of relatives and friends is the enemy, and he will be more vicious to the enemy; when there is internal conflict, the enemy of relatives and friends is a friend, and he will be more ruthless than the enemy to friends.

6. Two wolves fight each other, and the sheep suffer. The effective way to resolve internal conflicts is to establish an external conflict or common interests, to be consistent with the outside world, and to harvest together.

7. There is an essential difference between getting better slowly and getting better suddenly: outsiders can accept you suddenly getting better, while those close to you can only accept you getting better slowly.

8. Free help is the beginning of a person's pain.

9. The more selfish people are, the more regrettable they are in life. Pleasing others and suppressing yourself have always been the way of life for the weak.

10. Money can solve 99% of anxiety. It is not shameful to talk about money, it is shameful to have no money.

11. For most ordinary families, as long as one of the three generations suffers from a serious illness, it will bring down the entire family.

12. The mechanism of fair competition is reserved for the lower class, and the upper class can rely on money and relationships to get through the door and take shortcuts.

13. The reason why a company develops well and is well funded is because the salary the employees get is far less than the value they create for it.

14. The fairness of this world is relative, and the unfairness is absolute. You will be angry because of the unfairness of certain things, that is because you are not the beneficiary in this matter.

15. Almost 90% of people feel that they are above average in appearance, and this includes a large number of ugly people. Very few people can hear a really pertinent evaluation on the matter of looks.

16. Innocent people hope to find what they have lost, and stupid people always repeat the same mistakes. Their common feature is: unwillingness to face reality.

17. One of the great sorrows of people is that they have no ability to save the world, but they are always entangled in the emotion of pity. Too much time to sigh, too little time to change.

18. Benefit is a pack of fragrant poison, which no one can bear; if there is, it is because the amount of medicine is not large enough.

19. Some people say that talking about money hurts feelings, but I want to say that talking about feelings when a person has nothing, really hurts money.

20. Resentment comes from "why" and "why". Most people just want to ask "why" but never ask themselves "why".

21. Interest is the foundation of character, and character is the wall of interest. Without the cooperation of the foundation, it will collapse at once; without the cooperation of the city wall, it will be harmless.

22. The real loneliness is not that there is no one around, but that there is no one to speak of in the crowd. The benefits of superior knowledge are often short-lived, and regret and loneliness are the "themes".

23. If you want to strengthen the relationship between two people, try to borrow money; if you want to destroy the relationship between two people, try to borrow money. Human nature can be explored, but not tested.

24. Some people spend a few years saving money, and then they feel rich. In fact, this linear accumulation of time will not change your income level. What you get is only what you desperately saved in previous years.

25. People with scheming are more popular with boys than honest girls. Scumbags can often trick those infatuated girls into bed, and even trick them into getting an abortion. It's a bad phenomenon, but it happens all the time.

26. The so-called good is rewarded with good, and evil is rewarded with evil. It is not that there is no reward, the time has not come, but it is actually just the self-consistency of the kind.

27. The correct posture of cooperation is to put interests on the table aboveboard. All the roundabout temptations and flattery are either trying to take advantage of you, or just digging holes and waiting for you to jump.

28. Human nature often cannot stand the test, because selfishness is actually a survival instinct.

29. The reason why people cannot understand each other is because everyone lives in their own prejudices and cannot empathize with them.

30. In the adult society, it is too slow to teach others, and it is most effective to teach others. Read him a thousand times, it is better to make him hurt once.

31. Making money is not the purpose of life, but the best way to achieve the purpose of life. Equally repulsive is money worship and money scorn, both of which ignore the most important question for ordinary people: How can we live better?


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