Anxious, Sick, and Traveling

How to Get Ready for Travel While Sick

Anxious, Sick, and Traveling

Ok, so here's the down low...

  • seven-day trip
  • four flights
  • one child who has never been on a plane
  • one very special wedding
  • one anxiety-filled mamma

Queue the dreaded flu invasion. All thanks to an alpaca spitting in my mouth (not his fault, but blame has to be laid somewhere haha). Then add in adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, and a migraine flare up. Yay me!!

I don't do things by halves. It's all or nothing.

So here is a wee list of the things you can do to get ready for travel when you're anxious and sick that have helped me and that I will be putting into practice in the lead up to our next journey.

Don't panic.

Panicking will make your anxiety worse. I know this is easier said than done. Trust me, I'm right in the same place as you, but there are some really valuable ideas on how to help this below and I suggest you try them all to find the one that best suits you.

Whenever you are getting anxious about your journey, write down all your fears in a journal. Then write the positive outcomes of each of those fears coming true.

For example: I'm terrified we will get to the airport late and miss our flight, BUT if we do, there are tonnes of flights every single day and there will be a new one for us to take and still get to where we are going in time.

You can also grab some travel brochures and magazines and make a mini vision board of your journey in your journal. You can take a look at this every time you are feeling anxious, or right before you meditate, to put you in a good frame of mind.


Try and get as much good quality sleep as you can because this will help you keep a clear head and high energy levels. If you are having trouble getting to sleep, then like I mentioned above, try to journal about what is bothering you.

You could also try one of the MANY meditation apps before going to bed. Five minutes right before you go to sleep can help greatly. It's also important to think about your sleep hygiene. Make sure you aren't on any devices at least 30 minutes before you try to go to sleep. Making sure your room is a cozy environment and not cluttered can also help.

Ask for help.

If you are still having trouble then your next port of call would be professional help. There are a lot of supplements out there that can help you with anxiety and sleep, but it's best to get the advice of a qualified professional before purchasing any of them. This is because they can interact with medications you are already on or make your problems worse if you grab the wrong ones.

There is no shame in asking for help in these situations, and it can make things so much better, not only for the trip you are planning for, but also for future travels.

Eat right.

Things can get super busy in the lead up to a travel adventure and sometimes your eating habits end up taking a knock because there are so many other things to get ready that you end up grabbing whatever is on hand and running with that.

But if you plan ahead to make things a bit easier in the lead up to your travels then the boost of nutrients you give your body from good eating will help with your anxiety, energy, and sleep.

Have a variety of nuts and seeds on hand to grab for snacks, try making a good green smoothie in the morning, or just try to avoid too much coffee, sugar, and processed foods.

How does it work?
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