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Living with anxiety isn’t easy


How do I even begin ?

Life with anxiety..

Only people who have anxiety will ever understand.

“Just get over it “ they say ?

“It’s all in your head “

“ who cares “

Living with anxiety isn’t easy. Some days are so hard that you think you can’t possible be happy again.

“Just getting over it “ is not even possible. It takes time. Days even to get over somthing that seems So little to you but is HUGE to us.

We care to much, We over think and situations seem ALOT bigger to us then they should. But we can’t help that.

We try our hardest not to let this feeling sink us in to a ball of worried mess but sometimes we have no control.

A simple night out on the town with friends ? That seems fun

But before hand it’s over thinking “ what do I wear , how will I get there ? What if I make a fool of my self ? What if I’m left alone ?” Social anxiety is easily one of my biggest issues

But the before hand over thinking isn’t what kills me

It’s the day after or when I get home from said night out

We over think every little detail.

Did I say anything bad ?

Did I get to drunk ?

Did I upset anyone ?

What if I can’t remember what iv done?

After a night out it takes days to make your self feel better. We try so hard to re think every little detail of the night just so we can tell if we are all right and if there was any damage that we need to fix.

I don’t know if this is everyone but it’s definitely me. A night out for me is days of over thinking, stress and tears.

Some times a simple drive to the store to get some food can be hard.

To call and make that doctors appointment.

Starting a new job.

Just ever single day can be a challenge

Being in a relationship with a person who doesn’t understand. It hurts it’s , frustrating for us. We just want you to know how we feel and what’s so wrong

But sometimes WE don’t even no what’s wrong ourself

It causes a lot of fights issues cause we just want to be understood.

How can we fix this ?

Medication ? Counseling? Maybe those things can help a lot of people but It take a lot of time to get on top and control Anxiety. Are we weak ? Hell no. To me honest living with anxiety I feel makes us a lot stronger. We live and learn how to deal with situations.

Are we damaged ? Maybe a little bit but who the hell isnt ?

Having anxiety dosnt make you weak! Dosnt make you crazy! It makes you YOU. We are strong

We can over come this

Everything is going to be ok

It takes time

A lot of time

But we got this.

Having anxiety.. it sucks but it’s somthing we can live with

We will grow and rise above all our worries. I believe in you

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