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by Eliza Castaneda 10 days ago in anxiety
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Anxiety is similar to cholesterol, there are both bad and good versions of it

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There is a direct relationship between anxiety and fatigue. When the pressures on you exceed what they were in the normal state, stress hormones begin to be secreted in large quantities, which enhances the feeling of fatigue more and more. Often the mechanism for this occurs through three stages: (alert, resistance, and then exhaustion). To push that unhelpful anxiety in such conditions of the body to achieve very harsh responses, which is an instinctive thing that has been implanted within the human for many years.

This response is often related to a mechanism (kill or escape), for example, when a person is exposed to a natural predator, and there is an imminent threat that may lead to the end of his life, perhaps, the body releases many hormones in order to deal with this dangerous anxiety, but the problem lies in The modern man, who lives in the midst of cities in the safest environments, has a very low probability of this happening, so he started directing these response mechanisms in him towards other things that do not necessarily require all the concern. Certainly no one will die after being devoured by a math exam or being late for work for a day, for example!

The hormones secreted in the body affect the way many vital organs work and how they interact with each other, and cortisol and adrenaline top the list of these hormones. The hormone adrenaline is released when exposed to severe dangers, so that a person can run and sprint after his heartbeat accelerates, his muscles tighten, and the blood supply to important organs is restricted. Later, cortisol is secreted after the entire process is completed.

While this is happening, the brain consumes large amounts of sugars and glucose, which is why the body feels tired and tired. This is quite normal if the concern is beneficial or right, such as exposure to a predatory animal or theft. But once such hormones are secreted in very normal cases, this is a problem that needs to be treated, and perhaps practising sports and good social relations, and knowing the limits and capabilities of the human soul is the most prominent thing that can be said in this aspect.

When the body falls into the trap of psychological fragility in response to stress and stress factors, heart rate and blood pressure must rise, as well as cortisol levels, and all these factors, if they continue in the long term, contribute to the occurrence of diabetes. That is why diabetics are often advised to maintain healthy systems, exercise and engage in healthy social relationships without many tensions and problems.

Therefore, instead of responding to unhelpful anxiety in a negative way, and consuming all kinds of foods and sweets in order to obtain stomach satisfaction for this anxiety, one should adopt a more sober view of the situation, and try not to deteriorate it any more than it is deteriorating. Especially since it was like a snowball here, as once it started moving, it got bigger and bigger. Later on they become a giant that is difficult to deal with let alone stop.

Exaggerated thinking about problems will directly inherit fatigue and fatigue. Being alert and being careful about what is going on around us is sound and logical, but the repetition of these negative thoughts every day, hour and minute harms the nervous system and works to erode it little by little. Not to mention other emotions are treated the same way too; Such as grief over the loss of a relative, or apprehension about upcoming exams, and looking forward to the future with a kind of melancholy and pessimism. All of this not only affects the body, causing it to fatigue, but rather damages many areas of focus and memory storage within the brain. It also drains all the sugary stores of the brain on thinking in dark patterns that do not fatten and do not suffice from hunger.

Without forgetting the problems in sleep, placing the head on the pillow becomes the starting point for a flood of evil thoughts that roam the soul of its owner every night. However, everything has a solution, and there is no problem that is difficult to understand if we sit with it and try to deconstruct it, and perhaps the useless anxiety that causes psychological fragility is the same as well.

The most important thing that can be done in this aspect is to take a step back and not deal with himself as "what happens and goes with him" on a daily basis. Most of these events are out of our will, we have no elegance or sentences. This we should “let it pass” or at least deal with it within the limits of our will and our ability, otherwise it will be tantamount to loading what cannot be tolerated, and this of course will lead to fatigue, exhaustion and fragility as a foregone conclusion.

The intestine is the second brain, as it is said, and therefore brain and psychological problems are often combined with disturbances in the movement of the abdomen and intestines, and the relationship between them is very strong. What happens in the brain affects the gut, and what happens in the gut affects the brain as well.

The bacteria in the gut influence the development of many complex mechanisms that can interact with the upper brain pathways. Especially when changes occur within the gastrointestinal tract, this leads to a glandular response by the endocrine glands, which then secretes hormones such as adrenaline and increases stress and anxiety, in addition to its role in promoting the secretion of some happiness hormones as well, as it is known scientifically that eating healthy meat enhances the secretion of serotonin in the brain.

The relationship between the brain and the stomach and its accessories is reciprocal, and perhaps if one of us wants to achieve a balance between the two, he must control the incomes that come to the two together. It is difficult for the brain and psychological state to be stable when a person eats poor food and walks on a bad diet, and the opposite is also true. To achieve this, experts often advise to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet, and to exercise on a daily basis, and if this is not possible, you can walk for a quarter of an hour around the house. The important thing is for the body to move and not be idle for long periods.

The relationship between them is also complex, as depression results from low levels of serotonin in the brain, causing a person to become depressed and life immediately becomes pale. In addition, the deficiency of this neurotransmitter causes anxiety and exacerbates it more and more if it is present, then depression and anxiety go hand in hand in this context.

Dopamine is also considered one of the main mood-enhancing substances in humans, and is also often lost when a person becomes depressed, and is in a state of alertness and extreme alertness, which increases anxiety and responds to stimuli that may not be necessary at all.

Studies show that boosting the uptake of dopamine and other mood-enhancing neurotransmitters by eating foods rich in protein and amino acids, these substances are found in healthy white meat, and many legumes that are also protein in nature.

That is why we can see the link between anxiety and depression, and between the daily life of a person, starting with what he eats and not ending with moving his body and rejecting inactivity and laziness, all of which ultimately fall into the same box; The field of health and psychological fragility of a person, so be sure to choose the best options so as not to feel frustrated and exhausted.

A person, like anything else seeking to avoid falling into the cliff of psychological fragility, needs a charging process after a long day full of tension and anxiety that is useful in the context and the natural field, so it is not possible to repair and restore all those scars that a person receives in his work, university or interaction with the social environment except through The most biological process rooted in it is sleep. Therefore, it is advised to always get sufficient hours of sleep continuously, otherwise it is normal for a sane being to suffer from anxiety problems, poor concentration and unwillingness to do what he wants to do, because there is a fundamental defect in the process of charging his body and mobilizing its activity.

In order to achieve the best possible sleep model, it is recommended to get up in the morning, go directly for a walk, and be exposed to the sun. This alerts the biological clock in the body that the day has begun, so after a certain period when it gets dark, the body begins to operate the sleeping position little by little to make the process comfortable and not worrying Start.

And as we have noted from what we said earlier, anxiety in its entirety is a natural process in humans, problems only appear when it exceeds its limits to become a disaster for its owner, and perhaps the best thing that can be done to avoid this is to ensure a healthy approach in life in general, with all the system it includes A healthy diet, exercise, and maintaining strong social ties, as well as not thinking negative and exaggerated about things that we have no energy, and finally making sure to get enough sleep, contributes to recharging the human spirit again, so that he is ready for a new day that contains new opportunities. And new hope, too.


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