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Our Collective Bully


Anxiety is something that really rattles me to the bone. Yes, when I am experiencing it but currently as I type, I am talking about anxiety as a whole.

The word itself has a terrible ring to it. Saying "anxiety" actually stimulates some form of response within the body. The chemical manipulation is obvious as blood starts to rise and breathing intensifies. I've watched this reaction over a dozen times.

"Are you dealing with any abnormal anxiety recently?" I'll ask. Just as soon as the words leave my mouth, the person in front of me will adjust their posture, cheeks flush, and a reaction to the question fumbles out from their mouth in a list of reasons.

I love acknowledging patterns, and this reaction to investigating levels of anxiety is a pattern I want to address. Simply because we don't have to be like this, operating in a way that makes lame excuses for the constant levels of anxiety being projected onto us. Yes. I want to talk about anxiety; I want to talk about how we are manipulated into anxious beings.

Aren't you tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed and out of control? If you struggle with anxiety, you've read the articles suggesting the problem is internal. In a lot of cases, anxiety is projected as being an inward issue. So you sit there with your anxious issues and you ask yourself over and over and over again,

“Why am I so fucking anxious?” You say to yourself, "There must be something wrong with me."

This opinion about anxiety really rattles me to the bone. I'm uncomfortable with so many people believing that the issue is solely internal because I understand how deeply and grotesquely you will sit with yourself, dissecting, judging, and disassembling fragile pieces of yourself trying to correct whatever is wrong. My heart bleeds for those of you that never found the issue and so now depend on medication. I cannot begin to explain to you how that takes your power. The way that I am going to put it doesn't do justice, to truly explain the depth of the power manipulation at play:

First, you are convinced into talking yourself down. Second, you are mentally beaten and broken down by your own mind, now desperate for help. Third, you are given a pill;

A.) This method doesn't fix or find the issue anymore than you did on your own.

B.) Now that you have beaten your mind to act like a vicious bully, you take a substance that destroys your organs.

C.) You depend on this pill and the people who told you they could help, indefinitely.

For a moment, witness the world. Witness how the world is vibrating at an anxious frequency. Witness how social media perpetuates low self esteem; it’s literally designed to be a popularity contest when you consider the post algorithm. Even if you are not on any of the social media platforms, you have to understand that our soul brothers and sisters are. When you consider the idea that we are all connected, you have to also consider the idea that, on some level, we are all empaths connected to a collective vibration of feelings, stressors, ideas, inspirations, etc. The reality of the moment is, more of us are "plugged in" than are not. You cannot exist today without feeling those collective pulses and more and more recently those pulses have been lower in frequency: depression, anxiety, loss of direction, panic, and some unexpected sexual fantasies.

So in a way, I am arguing and suggesting that anxiety, at the capacity that it is at to date, is one of several, collective issues and not solely a personal one. There are too many people struggling with anxiety right now for it to be just a personal issue.

As a collective, our chakras are out of balance and we are suffering together, the symptoms of imbalance. We have to work together to overcome anxiety. We have to encourage the collective to slow down and play witness to life instead of always being in a state of go-go-go, post-like-post, compare-judge-correct, work-zone-work.

If you are struggling with anxiety, I want you to try two things. I cannot promise that you will have immediate results but I can promise you that if you try, you will regain a sense of personal power for giving it a try at all. I cannot say that these two things that I am going to suggest will be easy. For some of you if might be easy, for most of you it will be tough. This is just a micro sized step, towards reconditioning your brain and learning how to hold the reigns of the mind; allowing you greater clarity, i.e control over that life-sucking anxiety punk.

You need to be willing to be honest with yourself. You are absolutely amazing. I can't tell you all of the ways that you are because absolutely nobody knows you better than you know yourself.

I am amazing because I have survived more trials than I feel the need to talk about. I am beautiful because I am still creative.

Make an affirming list for yourself and don't spend any time thinking. I promise if you start, your beautiful soul will jump at the opportunity to praise the wonderful things you have done. You might even be surprised to hear a few things you wouldn't have ever thought had any impact.

If you do like to scroll social media, give yourself restrictions as a parent to yourself. You need to be willing to recognize the physical, mental, and emotional consequences of too many EMF's. EMF’s are almost everywhere. Cut back where you can. You are smart enough, so set boundaries with yourself. If you find it difficult to kick the habit, start leaving your phone just out of reach and buy yourself a watch. This keeps your phone at a distance where you can still see it is safe and the new watch removes the "checking the time" excuse from your trusty book of excuses.

Whether you commit to doing those two things above or not is entirely up to you. Do you want to take back control or not?

When you do feel yourself getting anxious, what you want to do is start paying attention to your breathing. When I am brushed with anxiety and feel it start to overwhelm my nervous system, I start to count my breathing in a way that helps my body generate a rhythmic pattern.

What works for me is counting 5 seconds while inhaling, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and repeat. I usually repeat this three or four times and can feel immediate results. Play around with different counts and find what is comfortable for you. Then, the next time you feel that anxiety trying to kick in, exercise your pattern and notice how quickly you regain control in that moment.

Thank you for reading! <3

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