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All about the MOST COMMON addictive disease, these are the first SYMPTOMS!

New Zealand

By Johny WithackerPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
All about the MOST COMMON addictive disease, these are the first SYMPTOMS!
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Gambling is the most common addiction in New Zealand, and experts reveal what the first symptoms are and what the profile of the average gambling addict is like!

From the Special Addiction Hospital in Christchurch comes alarming data - more and more gambling addicts are seeking help and it is the most common form of addiction in NZ, more common than drug addiction!

In the period from September 2021 to January 2022, the influx of patients increased by 30 percent compared to the previous period, more precisely, such a jump has not been recorded since 2010, when the pathological gambling addiction treatment program was started.

The psychiatrist and head of the Problem Gambling Foundation answered the question of why there is an increased chance of people with a pathological gambling problem.

"Well, we can't know exactly why. We think it's because we stagnated in work, but that the conditions we lived in due to the pandemic led to an increase in people who developed a pathological gambling problem," the doctor pointed out.

The doctor mentioned all the first symptoms of this disease.

"Gambling is a legal activity in our country. People gamble to use some of their free time. Each of us knows people in our environment who like to spend time in such places and have fun. It is very important to create that boundary. People they come to us very late, in periods when the 'house is already on fire.' Rarely does anyone come when they notice the first symptoms of the disease. The first symptoms are when a person spends more time than he expected or spends more money than what he allocated for that party. If that person spent some money that was in the bank and planned for something else. If someone notices that he is nervous because he did not go to the betting shop that day, these are some of the first signs. People come to us who are already in great debt, when it came until the collapse of the family, and then it's already too late. People have been in trouble for about ten years," said the doctor.

dr. Olivera Sbutega, a psychiatrist, pointed out what a person who has a gambling crisis actually needs.

It is this desire for gain. All types of addiction work on the principle of reward. A man does something he likes to feel good. What all psychoactive substances do, but also gambling, is that they release dopamine specifically, only that they work faster and that's why we feel more satisfied. Like any other addiction, it turns into a need. Once in debt, gambling continues to get out of trouble. Although that usually doesn't happen and the problem is getting bigger," said Olivera.

Dr. Sbutega pointed out that there are different personality profiles of pathological gamblers, which means that no one is spared once they get involved in it.

"The youngest patient is 16 years old. Although the law and norms do not allow them to gamble, they still find ways to do it. These are different economic statuses, age, as well as educational statuses. This all tells us that no one is protected from this disease. "We are noticing an increase in young people and the number of people between the ages of 30 and 40 who are married with small children has increased. Three to five families come every week," said the doctor.

Online gambling is also a big problem, but fortunately there are many sites that pay attention to it and instruct players to gamble responsibly. If we look at the website here, we see that all the listed casinos have programs for pausing and placing limits on roles, and even disconnecting from the site, which is great. This means that more and more gambling companies are paying attention to these huge problem.


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