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A truly successful life

by Mike Woodcox COTTRILL 2 months ago in addiction
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A truly successful life is not about the size of your achievements

Youth and Endeavour Rising sun, mapping is the light of endeavour, ejected is the enthusiasm of youth. All things recovery, stretch out the hope of endeavour, coruscate is the tenderness of youth.

Waves, the impact is the power of endeavour, showing the persistence of youth. The eagle wings, flying out of the direction of endeavour, show is the pride of youth. Ten thousand horses pentium, flying out of the persistent endeavour, running Yang is the ideal of youth.

Youth is everywhere and endeavour is everywhere. Endeavour is the United States, youth is rhyme. Endeavour is a flower, youth is the soul. Endeavour is a kind of spirit, a kind of persistence, a kind of belief, a kind of strength, but also a kind of direction, a kind of hope. And youth is a kind of vitality, a kind of power, a kind of youth, a kind of mentality, but also a kind of open-minded, a kind of frankness. Youth means young, vigorous, energetic, in adolescence, we are so unbridled. We fought hard on the vast playground, where we created our achievements, with our youth, compose a moving movement.

It is said that time flies like an arrow, time flies like an arrow, the golden childhood time I have not tasted carefully, well enjoy, time has brought me into the youth. But I will not complain, because adolescence I know how to be grateful, understand the history, fly the ideal, received the knowledge, learned to forge ahead. Endeavour is a kind of power, life, endeavour more than, facing the light of endeavour we will be stronger, holding the hope of endeavour, our future is more bright, gather the strength of endeavour, we will be more brave, along the direction of endeavour we will be more strong!

Youth without regret, forge ahead without stop, the vigor of youth and the direction of endeavour, the future of life will be more gorgeous. 'Don't let go of this past enthusiasm,' Ms. Lin wrote in a poem.

In the fleeting time like water, every one of us is eager to life is always full of vitality, is full of spirit, but all the vitality, come from a person's enthusiasm for people and things around. No matter when we, do not lose their enthusiasm, because enthusiasm, will be a person infinite charm show.

Life, no matter how dim and dark to us, we have to use a pair of bright eyes, shuttle in the world, maintain a belong to their own enthusiasm and innocence. Enthusiasm, is a fire, can burn all the indifference, let you feel bright in the dark, feel the warmth of the fire in the melancholy.

Meet good and happy things, remember to share with friends, with friends' eyes to take you to the distant scenery and things. With a warm heart to communicate with friends, will let your heart shine, let your spiritual field open.

When you communicate with your friends with enthusiasm, you will shock your soul because of the resonance with each other; With a warm heart to communicate with your family, you will find that family members are so warm and happy. Some people say, "Enthusiasm is a good spiritual trait." Sincere enthusiasm, not false flattery and perfunctory, it is rooted in the heart of sincerity, real enthusiasm, give people positive energy, give people to encourage.

A philosopher once said, "Your enthusiasm will infect and attract people. They will love you for it. They will want to accompany you." Every enthusiastic person, he has a permanent cohesion, he may not talk to you high wealth, but he will certainly in the communication, just to show themselves.

In life, try not to make yourself a proud and indifferent person, give up those arrogant arrogant, with your enthusiasm and sincerity to move the friends and relatives around. Life is like a mirror, how you treat it, it will naturally respond to you.

Arrogant people, most are addicted to their own world for a long time, slowly as the mind of the frog in the well as narrow. When your enthusiasm is used in work, there will be better efficiency, used in life, is a happy person. Enthusiasm will make people around you more willing to get close to you, let you harvest more warmth.

Don't skimp on that passion. Even if you are elegant and refined, don't be aloof and aloof. Do a half of the sea, half of the flame of the people, with your enthusiasm to melt the side of every cold heart. In life, do a positive, optimistic and enthusiastic person!


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Mike Woodcox COTTRILL

I can really say my life wasn’t easy BUT IT WAS FUN

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